Friday, March 4, 2011

"feauxstess" fun!

hello my pretties!

happy friday!

hip hip hooray.

so i am sharing my first baking FAIL.
yep. big time.

i had a baking request. a request for hostess filled cuppies.

i was like, easy. done. complete.

well, settle down little soldiers. not as easy as i thought.
(that's what happens when i get cocky.)

so princess # 3 and i have decided that we will attempt a new
cupcake flavor once a week.

we pretend we are on cupcake wars...

it is fun. girl bonding. delicious.
(oh well.....everything is good in moderation, right?!)

so off we went to start our 'feauxstess' creation.

we used a dark fudge cake mix for starters.
i always 'dr' up a cake mix.
i will bake cakes with "REAL" ingredients, a pinch, a good box cake mix is ok to use.
add some pudding, extra butter (yep the real dealio)
an extra egg....don't get too crazy.....but you get the idea, right friends?!?

bake. cool. fill.
use this filling if you want:

then make your GANACHE.
insert, this is where the major fail occured.
i tried to double the ganache recipe. i tried to wing it. i tried to eyeball it.

der. de. der.
(blonde girls should NEVER just wing it)
womp. womp. womp.

my ganache never set. it was a pool of runniness. eww. even sounds yucky.

i laughed about it. i said the boy and i were going to paint ourselves in in later.

i tried to chill it and see if it would set.
(you all know how incredibly impatient i am)

it finally got a teeny weeny bit thicker. not much. white icing for the little scroll on top, well, i made that too thick.

oh well....we cant always be perfect....

here's ONE....
i repeat.....

and then....the boy.....
dropped the frosting bag on the only one that turned out....and RUINED it.

good thing we REALLY were not on cupcake wars!!!

yeppppp! that's it, lovies....before the frosting bag dropped on it.
the only one flipping cuppie that actually turned out.

next week was going to be red velvet.....but i can not stand failure. we HAVE to
make these AGAIN.

have YOU ever had a baking fail?!?

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have a fantabulous weekend!
love you.


alison said...

sounds like baking day at my house...but that one perfect little cupcake looks...well...perfect. would love for you to link up to fridays unfolded @


stuff and nonsense

Shelley said...

Yumm!! Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
God Bless,
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Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

I don't even know how to make a ganache so you're one up on me! Although, I do like saying it--ganache is a fun word to say :)

The one turned out pretty at least, prettier than I would ever make. I am a cook not a baker so anytime I bake, I'm taking a gamble!

Cait said...

wow those looks so yummy! great post!