Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tuesday happiness!

do you ever notice most of my blog titles include the word happy in some form?
i wanted to share a few cool things with you!

fun goodies. fun stuff. i pinky promise!
so about 2 yrs ago, i read the book,  the secret!
one of my friends had told me about it and i was a little reluctant to believe.

then, i read it.
and i, too, became a believer.
it's all about the law of attraction.
when you think positive thoughts, positive things will come to you.
i started to practice it.
and guess what?

i bought all of the princess' their very own copies on amazon for uber cheap.
(honestly, i think only one has 'started' to read hers....)
making sad face right now....

but so many things have come to me, because i have used the law of attraction.
try it. don't be shy.

(you just may be pleasantly surprised yourself!!)
the website that i referred you to above, also has true, heartwarming stories that

soooo, where was i going with this?!?
ah yes.
free goodies.

run over and check this site out. here's the dealio.
look at all the available parties.
choose one, two or five. (i don't think there is a limit)
your application is reviewed.
if your application is accepted and you are chosen, you basically
are mailed FREE goodies to host the party.

our house party is a "digiorno pizza party".
just what my fat ARSE needs.

but hey. it is free.
i can feed 14 guests. you also receive VIP gifts for your guests, (which i assume are coupons)
and STUFF.

basically it's an opportunity to have a party and review that particular selected party.
i have applied for a sewing party as well, but have not heard back yet.

i will post pics. our party is going to be held 3/25/11.
wanna come?!?

anywhosiedoodles. this is just one of quite a few things i have received in the past few months.
i have won various blog giveaways.
i won a 100.00 american express gift card.
i won a carrabas dinner for 10.
lots o goodies.

i also believe that when you GIVE to others, you will RECEIVE!
it is TOTALLY worth it.

what's your take on the law of attraction?

also, groupon is giving away money as well. if any of you are not familiar with this
awesome site, go check it out and pretty please with pink icing use my
referral code!

i have bought plenty o gift certificates via this site and have yet to be disappointed!

one more thing to share. this is the cake i decided to make for princess # 3's bday
this weekend:

source: sweetapolita

i cant stop drooling looking at it.
i think i gained 5 lbs from all the staring.
not lying.

alright. i have to go to the cake store. i need a # 123 tip for those beautiful ruffles.
love you,


Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

I kinda want to drive up to Ohio for a piza party :) Thats an awesome website, I am going to look into it!! Congrats on winning that--again, awesome!

I wish I could marry Groupon b/c I love it so!!

Honeybee said...

The cake looks awesome. And you have a cute pinky blog too. I like pink. =)This is my latest post: Home Detox. Looking forward your next post.