Monday, February 13, 2012

happy days.....

think back to those days when we had no ATM machines, we survived on maybe cash alone or one
credit card...

ahhh. maybe simple is best....

i was literally doing bank stuff for the first 3 hours of my morning and then left to visit the bank in

i have found, when you have a banking issue, its best to just show your smiley face.

when you try to do ANYTHING over the phone, it NEVER gets done RIGHT.

so after being told that my card was cancelled d/t the wonderful hackers that
invaded my space, i was told today, that they
never stopped it.

WHAT??? mo fo.

yep. so the fraud dept and the actual bank had said it was cancelled and guess what?

here nor there, the accounts have been closed and hopefully
i will have changed all accts that i am aware of that have auto payments, and
all will be well again in love and war.

speaking of war....
have y'all seen the movie
this means war???

yep. thats my word for adorable.
REESE witherspoon and i am not sure who the hotties were that chased after her,
but whewwww.
pretty damn hot. ok. smoking hot.

lucky beotch.

yes....there they are...3 cutie patooties.
go. see. it.
you will laugh.
very light hearted.

oh, and if you want to lose 2 hrs of your life that you will never be able to get back,
then go see,
the grey.
1 hr and 57 mins. only to have the stupidest ending EVER.

that my friends was the extent of my weekend. cleaning. working. writing another
lovely paper for school.

what are you all up to for valentines tomorrow?

if you could have one wish come true what would it be?

have a lovely week!!


happy list continues:

399. seeing my sweet 18 yr old's beautiful face, who is away at college....
398. getting a text in the middle of the day of my 'grand dog'...and his ever so cute face!
397. sun on a winter day
396. chipotle. (yep. for realz.)
395. the feeling of the white nugget jumping on the bed right before the alarm goes, off, to snuggle for a few minutes......

Sunday, February 12, 2012


soooo my bank just called....

apparently some lovely THIEVES hacked into my checking acct.
via my debit/credit card.

i am so beside myself right now i want to cry.

has anyone had this happen and if so what did you do?


ok, lets face it....its not like i have millions in my checking acct.
this is the acct that i use for EVERYTHING.
so as of now, i have no access to my cash....
(savings is tied to this acct as well)

i had to stop that card.
i have bills that automatically are assigned to that card.

i am a hot mess.

ok. thats all.
way to start my funday sunday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

5 fun things!

why hello there!

what's up buttercups?

well, it is 21' here in the land of cleve town and snowing buckets.
we have had such a mild winter thus far that apparently mother nature
has felt the need to bless us with
6 inches of the white goodness....

i am working at the hospital and thought i could squeeze in a quick post. seeing how my
days/nights run together and i can never seem to find the time during the week.

princess # 2 and i drove up to see princess # 3 last night. we stopped on the way to
pick her up to get some sugar cookies and cuppies. (mama was too busy to bake them... :O(
but are you ready? for 6 teeny sugar cookies and 4 cupcakes....
say whaaa??
yes, my friends 30 bones.

i was like ok.....these better taste magically delicious. princess # 2 and i shared a sugar cookie
and i have to say they were good. just ok good.
i guess i am partial to my recipe....but i still love trying others.

anyway, princess # 3 thought P#2, could not make it up....but because we are tricky....
we decided to surprise her. ah ha. mischievious minds...

so when we were pulling in, P#2, climbed into the trunk through the back seat (yes, i have a super secret
door that opens to the kidding. i drive a nissan altima....its not super secret...

so i called P# 3 and said, I"M HERE, come on down....and oh, btw, your little treats are in the trunk, so
go ahead and grab them. i will pop the trunk....

so, i pop the trunk....and up pops PRINCESS # 2, screaming, surprise....I"M HERE!!!

princess # 3 almost died. like if you could have seen was freaking hysterical...
and i may or may not have almost peed my pants.

it's the priceless moments that you wish you could box up and on a bad day, replay all over.....

we laughed so hard we were all crying.
we had a delightful dinner and did some shopping and then princess # 3 had to make princess # 2, some CD's so i crashed in the dorm...on the top bunk. this mama is getting old. i mean it was after 10pm.
i took a little cat nap and then we made the drive home....

sweet little nuggets. i love those peanuts...

oh and i should mention that while we were dining, the fire department shows up....lights, full gear and just
casually stroll thru the restaurant....our server was like ok, do you ladies need
anything else.....and i was like, well, no....all is well, but is the restaurant on fire???

he said, well, no not really....just some towels in the kitchen caught on fire...
yep. just some little towels...alrighty. insert another fresh cut fry into my mouth and forget that
i asked.....and just saw a fireman, walking in front of me, with his gear and flashlight....

so what fun stuff have you planned for vday?

i am not a big fan. never have. probably never will. but i still like to make special
treats for the kiddos and usually take some to work.

here are few sweet things i found while surfing the internet, i mean,

yes, free stuff...i love free stuff...

and just look at these:

Valentine Conversation Hearts
credit: etsy!

so adorable, yet not difficult to make....or you can buy them if money is no object...
they are 39.00 / dozen.....ouch. kind of makes my 4 cuppies and 6 lil cookies sound CHEAP!

how bout this for your favorite lovie:

Love Print, Love Story Print, Valentine Print, 8x10 Print, Red, Heart, I Love You. The End.

a simple i love you. the end.

credit: etsy!

ok, this one just cracks me up. and the funny thing...i almost bought it.
for all our man know how they sometimes
have like 'chafing' issues...
down 'there'
(i never said that i would hold back anything on this blog. just sayin)...

Down There Repair Healing Cream, Gifts for Men, Lotion, Cream, Men, Gift for Man, Healing Lotion

credit: etsy!

the good news is that all of the natural products on this site, are sooo reasonable. i dig
natural and nothing excites me more than CHEAP.

well.....maybe a few things....might. maybe.

and the last fun thing that caught my eye:

we could not forget our furry friends on v-day...after all, they make heart pitter patter...

i had purchased a collar and leash for kolby from this etsy shop. i LOVE it.
the shop owner was so easy to deal with and the collar and leash were
so well k's collar is lime green and blue argyle...cuz he's metro like that...

and i think we will order miss keeley a matching one like this:

Dog Collar with Preppy Pink Plaid - 1" width - "Payton"

credit: etsy!

i hope you all have a super sweet valentine's day and i hope you spend it doing what
you love or with whom you love!


494. my warm house.
493. blueberry crumble coffee.
492. ability to work out.
491. my sister.
490. my soft sherpa blankie, especially on days like today.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

yippy skippy! funday sunday....again

oh, hello there!
greetings from cleve town!
it is another funday sunday!

superbowl plans anyone?
i have one lil party scheduled and i have made some yummy cuppies and sub sammies....
but it will be low key, as this chick does have two jobs to attend to bright and early
monday morning!

guess what?
i am getting a new nugget.
this time a lil chocolate MINI doodle.

to keep K-man company...yeesh. yeah, i feel that
as i have to be entertained 24-7, so does my freakishly energetic white fur ball.....

so this little sweet " KEELEY JOY" will be joining our happy home in about a week:

Mini Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies - Valentine's Day

(this is not her, but looks just like her!) this is one of her siblings
from a previous litter.
anywhosies, keeley only weighs 2.4 lbs as of last week and she can not
go to her furever home until she is 3.0 we may not be
able to get her on valentines day....

we are anxiously awaiting! i am a little nervous to do the puppy training
thingy again....and lets not forget, mr. k is still really a puppy himself....
he is only 9 months young.....

so wish me luck.
keeley is a labradoodle, F1 and kobly is an F1
basically same type of pup.

they are incredibly smart, energetic and loving creatures!

alrighty, i am off to enjoy my funday sunday....

i also wanted to share a list of 500 things that make me smile.....starting with sunshiney today!
(and yes, 500 is quite random....just wanted to because why??? well, cuz its MY blog and i can share
anything my little heart wants!!!!!)

love and hugs,

500. wet sloppy kisses from my love nugget ball of fur.
499. sweet emails during the day from princess # 2 while she is at her new job.
498. a text from princess # 3, just saying 'ello MUM'....(melts me)
499. a phone call every morning from princess # 1, driving home from her night shift at the hospital
495. the smell of chocolate chip cupcakes baking