Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF and a social parade!

hello lovies!!

it's friday! hollar!

i am elated. this week actually went by pretty darn quick.
which means we are a week closer to sun and spring.
i hope!

this is what i woke up to this morning!!

 sorry for the poor was thru the kitchen window, with my phone...
but i think you get the 'drift'...literally!!lol

the other day princess #3 and i had a fun day doing girl stuff.
she is a little creative soul like her mama. (probably better then i,.....)

but we headed out for a fun day at

ever been? they have really cool classes and some of them are FREE!
yeppers! free!! so the little princess and i got our creative fill by making some
heres some of the fun stuff we found!

i need to get a 3rd job for my hoarding issues.

just kidding. i am not a hoarder by any means, but i do tend to buy a lot of creative things
and then sometimes, it sits in the closet for months.... yeeesh.

lots of pink stuff.....i was in heaven....

do you know what i could do with all these flowers???

and the best stuff:


then we headed to this fun icecream parlour and had sundaes on
a carousel. yes! a carousel. in the middle of the icecream parlour.
it has been around forever, but this day, i told miss H that i thougth it
was going slightly faster then norm. oye.
not good. going in circles while i devoured this:

yes, that is TWO flipping scoops of french vanilla,
with TWO types of toppings:
peanut butter AND hot fudge....
shush! remember the motto...everything is GREAT in moderation!
let's all say heaven!
this lil peanut was enjoying our carousel ride!

(oh, check out her ADORABLE ring from etsy!!)

and we could not complete the visit without sharing
this pic of peter rabbit.
the GINORMOUS 3 foot tall CHOCOLATE bunny...

hey now.....

malleys has the best chocolate and cashews. omg....see the pretzels below the bunny  as well. a
nightmare. oye.

oh well, all in a day of good, creative fun!!

i love girl time!
how bout you?
what do you do for your 'girly' time?!?
 happy friday all~
stay warm if you are somewhere snowy and cold.

i am linking up with these lovies!

Smart and Trendy Moms

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wanna come join in the fun??!!??

Thursday, February 24, 2011

addicted and a confession!

i have to confess.
i didnt do insanity last night.
my legs are so so so sore.
i know.
i know.
i sound like a whiney baby.

(shhhushhhh. i am.)

honestly, i probably could have forced myself to do it but instead princess # 3
and i made

can we all say major addiction.
 and if it's bad enough that i didnt do my work out.......

two freaking cuppies.
oink. oink.
(see cupcake liner in back of pic of eaten missing cupcake!)
raw. evidence. yeeeooow.
don't you love how the papers match my countertops?!?

sorry for the flash/glare in this pic (camera phone)...

i was trying to achieve 'tiffany blue'....but i made the buttercream too dark. der.

so, these are chocolate cakes filled with the most delightful vanilla filling.

i wanted to eat the leftover filling with a spoon.
and i may or may not attempted that as well. i mean heck, i am already mooing like a cow
and oinking like piggily wiggily. wth?!?

see recipe below for this amazing sweet treat!

vanilla filling for cupcakes

24 baked/cooled cupcakes.
fyi: i am not too proud to admit this: i use box cake mixes a lot. i typically add a stick of melted butter
and the rest of the ingredients. sometimes an extra egg. sometimes a pack of pudding. i always beat for the full time stated on the box! ! dont cheat!

ok, now on to the good stuff.

6 tbsp. flour. (regular old flour...nothing special)
1 cup milk. (i used gotta count cals somewhere, right?)
1 cup butter (do not cheat! use the REAL stuff, friends!)
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp. vanilla.

whisk flour and milk in saucepan until thick. (this tends to happen very quickly!) do not boil. continue stirring. it may get a little clumpy. strain lumps. the hardest part now: allow to cool COMPLETELY! (you are talking to theeeeee world's most impatient gal!) i did put it in the fridge while i whipped up the rest of our goodies!

oh, and note to self. my flour mixture was THICK. T-H-I-C-K. i couldnt even strain. so i thought what the heck......this could be disastrous. well, guess what??! it worked out fine. don't fret or worry. we are going to add good stuff and it will be alright. i pinky swear!

whip together butter and sugar until nice and creamy. ahhhhh. lets all say caaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrreeeaaaaammmy!!!!!!!
now add your VERY COOL flour/milk mixture and vanilla!
very important step: whip for 7 minutes! not 5......not 8..........SEVEN! seven full minutes!
ok. i know by now you have tasted it??????? AND?????
AMAZING, right?!?

so, we cut out little holes in our cuppies with a little sharp knife (sorry no pics to prove!) reserve your tops....and fill away. fill like you have never filled before!(we just used a tsp.) you could go all high tech and use a cake decorating bag.......then put your cute lil toppies back on!

frost with your favorite buttercream recipe AND sprinkle with large crunchy pieces of sugar! it looked so sparkly and fun when they were done!

AND....honestly, these were sooooo good. princess # 3 took some to her boyfriends fam and they raved. the boy of mine called his partner @ work and told him he just ate the BEST cupcakes EVER. (thanks honey!) i think he devoured three. (made me look a little less like a big PHAT cow) :o)

now go run to your kitchen and bake some of these up for your
people in your life!
they will love you forever.
love you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

weds. ramblings!

hey all!

gosh~where does the time go?
i posted last on saturday. yikes. bad blogger.

i dont know. it seems that i never have enough time in my days to get everything done.
i guess i need to start going back to setting goals and making lists!
do you make lists? do you set goals? do you meet them?
just curious!
i do WAY, way, better when i set goals and make lists. i like scratching things off my lists!
speaking of goals.....
sooooo that boy and i started insanity!!! YIKES


have you ever tried this?!?
so that boy of mine, was in the military, has run a marathon, works out ALL the time
and when he did it the first time,
he said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done.


(he started it in november and did the two month program)

and he now has an amazing SIX pack.
(i should add that he has always had a nice bod, but you can definitely see the improvement~
and i should also add that he did NOT follow any special diet either)

now you are probably wondering why the h-e-double hockeysticks i would even
want to attempt such craziness, right?

ummm, yeah me too.
i need to drop a in pounds, not push-ups. :o)
i started on monday. yesterday the disc appeared to have a scratch so i really only got thru 22 mins of it.
it was skipping like a jump rope.
i cant say i was unhappy that i had to stop.

i am dreading it.
dreading it tonight.

i am sore. my legs ache. my back hurts.
yes, i am a baby.

remember: we do not judge!

anywhosies, the program is for two months. you can sign up for a free membership over

which will provide you with support, tips, message boards, ETC. all that jazzola.

i cant wait for my date with this tonight!

c'mon y'all! (thats what shaun T says!)....

i will keep y'all posted on my trials and tribs. i really wanted to vomit about 1/2 way thru.

oh well, the things we do to stay FIT!

k, thats all, love you, bye.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

smiles on saturday!

hi there!

it's saturdaysie! 

i love my saturdays.
what's your fav day of the week?

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will
fall behind you."
i [[[heart]]] this quote...
it made me smile....
just like these:
all pics credit due: pinterest, my latest obsession!
i hope you are all having a smiley saturday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

what i'm lovin!!!

heyyyyy ooooo!

it's friday!


i am a working from home mama.

HOLLAR times two.

bad side: i threw my back out yesterday so even tho i love being in the jams, i am in PAIN.

i had the boy put TWO lidocaine patches on me yesterday which did help.

(these were leftover from an injury he had a couple of years ago)
(i do not recommend  or endorse using your significant other's leftover pain rx)....

but we do what we have to do in times of need.
thank. you.

soooooo, i wanted to share some fun stuff i just bought from etsy.

i am linking up with

tidy mom~for i'm lovin it!!!

actually these sweet rings were part of the 3 princess' v-days gifts....

 how cute are these?

Wire Wrapped Ring - To Order - Custom Size - AB Colorado Topaz, Amethyst, Dark Purple, Purple, AB, Crystal, Faceted, Bright, Custom Ring, Handmade, Cute, Simple, Lovely, Love, Romantic

Rustic Handmade Wire Wrapped RING Size 5 - AB Dark Colorado Topaz Crystal - Gun Metal, Brass, Otter Brown, Bronce, Fall, Dark

Wire Wrapped Wedding Ring Size 7. 5 - Swarovski Curved Pearl, Cream, White, Ivory, Beige, Bright, Bride, Bridal, Simple, Cute, Classic, Romantic, Lovely

we they just loved them!!!

run over to

she has the cutest stuff!

i love to shop from these eclectic little handmade boutiques.
i think it makes your purchase so much more meaningful.

this includes restaurants as well. i would much rather
dine at an independent owned place,
rather then a chain!

what are your feelings?
chain or independently owned?

in addition i want to know your fun weekend plansies!

i am thinking we are going to head over here,

this is the funnest (i know...its not a word)....
place to frequent on the weekend.
you can find any and everything here!

i am thinking we may do a wine tasting as well. it's 10 bucks.
you taste 6 wines with yummo cheese and crackers!

ok, maybe cheese and cracks are not the most yummo thing, but it's food!
 and VINO for 10 dollars! yeowwwwza!

The Olde Wine Cellar

tasting is based on  aussie wines....

i like cheap fun things to  do!!

wine tastings

ok, blends, i am outy to get some underwriting done.

that's what i do best.
that's what my boss says anyway!

love you, miss you,

p.s. dont' forget to stop over at tidy mom to see what others are LOVIN!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tempt my tastebuds!

hi y'all.


i wish i was from the south.
in my head, i think i was actually supposed to be born to a southern family on
oh, i dont know...

i love those sweet southern accents and the charm of the south.

soooo, my valentine's day was fantabulous.

i made the best dinner ever. seriously.

and i even want to share two recipes with you!
one. blue cheese topping for your steak.
two. broccoli sweet and sour salad.

here is my full course meal as prepared my none other then
MUAH! (thats me!)

pomegranate martinis.

appetizer: shrimp cocktail.
i forgot to take pic. sorry.

broccoli sweet and sour.
ohhhh eeemmm geeeeee.
this might be my new fav friend.

strip steaks with crumbled blue cheese topping.

i marinated in a worchestire sauce, olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, pepper, salt and garlic powder.
topped with my blue cheese crumbly topping....broiled til brown!

lobster tails:
cut tails. pour over mixture of olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice,
fresh garlic chopped, salt, pepper.
broil about 10 minutes.

side dish: garlic mashed potatoes!

garlic knots.

dessert: ME!

cherry turnovers.
no pics of this either.

my table setting:

i also, decorated our bedroom with about 20 candles and placed rose
petals all over our bed!

i did receive my chocolate covered chips and strawberries! and
i may or may not have eaten almost ALL the chips.
believe what you want!!!!!

we finished the night watching case 39...ummm, scary.

blue cheese topping for steaks

3 tbsp. butter.
1/2 cup blue cheese
3/4 panko bread crumbs.
1-2 cloves fresh chopped garlic
garlic powder.

mix until crumbly. place on cooked steaks and place under broiler for approximately 5 mins.

=heaven to your mouth and tummy!!!

broccoli sweet and sour salad

two bunches broccoli
5 strips bacon
1-1/2 cups shredded cheddar
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
1/3 cup raisins
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup mayo (i always use low fat helmanns)
3 tbs. cider vinegar
1/2 cup red onion diced finely

chop broccoli. (you want this in someone smaller pieces)
saute bacon in pan. crumble and save a small amt of drippings.
mix sugar with mayo and cider vinegar.
in a large bowl, mix, broccoli, raisins, seeds and onion. stir dressing in. mix in cheese.
allow to sit in fridge for about an hour for flavors to mingle!

i am hooking up with these two lovelies!
stop over for some delightful new recipes!!!

Tempt my Tummy Tuesdays


Beauty and Bedlam


Today's Creative Blog

for GET YOUR CRAFT ON! (this includes ANYTHING you hand make, bake, cook!)
come see!

how did your valentines pan out??

we are now on our way to
View Image

do you celebrate this FUN holiday????
have a tasteful tuesday!
hugs and kissies,

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines lovies!

happy valentines, lil cupids!

plans for this holiday filled with love??

we have no plans.
we like to live by the seat of our pants!

we did go out for a really nice dinner friday night, and
that boy surprised me
last weekend with a new ed hardy perfume gift set....

i am hoping for some chocolate covered potato chips
Go to fullsize image
possibly some strawberries....
Go to fullsize image

i {{{HEART}}} those.

if you need last minute
valentine's printables,
check out these!

free valentine's heart printable

and i should also note here that i won a giveaway
with some
valentine goodies that she hosted for

(thank you pizzazerie and design editor!)

check out these cutie patooties from

how freaking cute are they???

anyway, i am hooking up
java and friends over
here, for MEET ME MONDAY!

here are the 5 quest. of the day:

1. Did you get any Valentine's Gifts?

yes. see above. ed hardy perfume gift set...

2. What is your favorite topping on something toasted?

oh, on an "everything" bagel thin, a slight smear of REAL butter and
light cream cheese!
3. Do you pick out your outfit the night before?

i dont....well, sort of....
i, visualize in my head what i will wear.
i dont allow myself a lot of time in the AM.
i shower at night, so my morning routine is
as simplistic as possi.

4. What food item do you absolutely despise?

oh, this would have to be liverwurst. blah. yuck.
i did go through a short spell where i HATED peas. i tolerate them now, but do not love them.
5. Righty or lefty?

righty. :o)

have a super fantabulous valentine's day
love and more!

Friday, February 11, 2011

fabulous FRIDAY!

what up bloggies?!?


whats the weekend 411?

we are going to.....

hellooooo big hair and headbands!

should i bring out my old

couture fashions such as:

Go to fullsize image

i mean who doesnt love the 80's??
unless you were a baby back then....
just sayin....

Go to fullsize image

although a lot of you were probably eensy weensy peanuts....but......



i would love to bring this HOT outfit back out....

Go to fullsize image

and i hope i am not seduced by this hot mess:

Go to fullsize image

ahhhhh memories.....

can't wait to get my groove on dancing to:

guns n roses.
def leppard.
bon jovi.

do you like 80's music???

ahhh...i am off to pick out my outfit!!

love you, bye.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

dear mr. winter

did i  NOT already
leave and welcome mrs. spring?


NoT LyInG.
but enough malarky about the weather. hopefully this little guy, as in

"PuXaTaWnEy PhIl"

bring us sunshine SOON!

soooo since we are not going to be seeing sunshine any time soon, i am going to
make some of these
and not PHAT.

credit for photos are due to this doll:


like, seriously where does she come up with these adorable ideas??


so freaking cute.

do you ever like get so jealous over someone's talent that you dont like them??


i love bakerella. i want to be her....and the pioneer woman. :o)

is that stalkerish?? hush. i know thats not a word.

but i mean really??

yes....those are freaking fondant roses. umm, dont they bare a startling
resemblance to
rose bud

ummm, mine are not edible.

but i can make these out of yummy stuff and actually put them on my cuppies?

ding dong.

yeppers. see recipe below!

but how bout these sweet lil pies....i love me some cherry pie!

Mini Cherry Cutie Pies

soooo in all your spare time.....between now and the 14th! head on over to

and see what way cool things she is offering! oh and lots of pink stuff!! you know how
this chick
PiNk GoOdS

marshmallow fondant

it even sounds delightful doesnt it??

16 oz white marshmallows

2 tb water

2 lb icing sugar (approx. 8 cups confectioners’ or powdered sugar)


1. Melt marshmallows and water in a double boiler or microwave.

Heat until melted.

2. Place half of the sugar in a bowl. Make a well in the middle.

Pour melted marshmallow in and mix.

3. Add remaining sugar and continue kneading. (add more powedered sugar in tablespoons as you are kneading. Micture should not be sticky)


—grease your hands and the bowl.

Also, let this stuff rest overnight.

It will be pretty stiff when you try to knead it again, but it can be microwaved for five to ten seconds (start off with 5) and it will soften right up and be perfect for rolling out and playing with.

Discard all the crusty residues.


if fondant is too hard, place about 30 sec. in microwave. Dust work table with cornstarch, and knead for a couple of minutes.

Then roll as thin as you want with rolling pin dusted in cornstarch. To avoid it from stickin to your work surface, turn rolled dough frequently, and continue dusting with cornstarch until you have reached desired thinnes.

To color: Separate small amounts of fondant & color with paste food colours to the desired tone. Knead until colour is smooth and completely uniform.

This fondant does not set fast at all. When you have formed your flowers, set them on a curved surface so they don’t loose their shape (hang them upside down) It will not be as perfect as Gum Paste, but it will work. Also, start making flowers at least two days in advance to allow them to set.

whhhaaa laaaahhh!
now you can make
pretty roses
for your cuppies


just ftr....
i have not attempted this yet....
if you HAVE...
please share your deets.
i would love to know
how easy/hard

peace out homeys!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wordless weds!

hola! happy hump day.....

isnt it amazing how the weeks just seem to fly by....

and here february, the month of lust  is almost 1/2 over.

although that means we are that much closer to

do you celebrate the famous Vday?
(i know, i already asked this a few posts ago)....
as in yes, VALENTINES DAY?

as previous noted, we are not huge fans.
i would personally like to make a delish homemade meal and hang out watching

but in honor of this love struck holiday and
wordless weds.... (you didnt really think i could really be completely wordless, did you???)
here's a few
 pics to share:

all credits go to

i couldnt let a post get by without some type of "pink" involved.....

love you.