all about me~

first and foremost~thanks for taking a quick second to read what i am all about. just a crazy kind of girl making her way thru life, one day at a time. i have stumbled upon this blogging journey and have learned so many way cool things that i decided to start my own blog as a creative outlet for myself.......i have sooooo many great ideas, but for whatever reason there is never enough time in the day....(hello full time job!) and it seems that i always have something to say.....this equates to constant chatterbox. i have loved to talk since my mother birthed me,and  i swear i came out of the womb speaking in full sentences......but i have also discovered that there are so many way great things in life that are just waiting for me to tackle! so thus, this blog, to share with the world.....or really anyone who will read or listen for 5 minutes!

some things about me......i am WAY girly. i love ruffles and lace and ANYTHING PINK! i love high heels....preferably stilletos.....although i can still manage to try to look cute in some girly kind of running shoes. i LOVE to bake and cook.....i am OBSESSED with cupcakes and sugar cookies......i hope to someday own my own bakery.....or at least do it for fun. i love the sun and gardening and take pride when i can cut my fresh herbs for cooking a yummo dinner. i love to cook, however, i love easy recipes.....i dont like to cook anything that i am not quite sure of what the ingredient is.....or something i may never have heard of.......i love to be outside especially during the summer. i love to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but i truly believe everything is good in moderation.......saturday is typically my little cheat day to go out to eat and get my fill of whatever bad food i may have been craving. i work out between 5 and 6 days a week, and although i love how it makes me feel and love how my body looks, i HATE it. absolutely HATE it.......ok, maybe thats harsh......somedays are just hard to get motivated!!!! cut a girl some slack!

i share my life with  my 3 darling, bitchy, hormonal, fun, beautiful daughters (c'mon....they are girls.....) all very sweet, but all having very different personalities....they keep me on my toes and i admire them for the beautiful young women they have become. our house is crazy but i would not have it any other way!!!

sooooo in a nutshell, i hope to share with you,  my blog friends, my journey thru life, one day at a time......please feel free to contact me (see contact me page)......i love making new friends and feel that life should be lived to its absolute fullest!!!!