Monday, June 25, 2012

sunday fun!

hey there!
so did everyone do their letter like i said in my last post?

i did not.
i have thought about it.
i really have.
but i have been uber busy and have not had a chance to sit for more than 10 seconds, other then
sleep and bust it out. hopefully today.

so what's everyone doing on their sunday funday?

i have a baby shower at 1:00 and
then i have to fulfill an order for chocolate strawberries, truffles and
sugar cookies. yayy! (more info coming on this...big news actually!)
so my day is pretty much already spent doing busy stuff.
but all good stuff indeed.

so for those of you that love to eat healthy and work out, i wanted to share
some of the cool blog sites i found. so many have such great recipes,
running tips, dieting, life changing ideas, that i dont know about you all
but i love when someone shares their stories. most of these
girls have lost a lot of weight and i am so inspired after
reading about them.

so here we go:

can you stay for dinner?

seriously, this girl is gorrrrgeous. and so real. i have only read her about me story and i am
totally motivated. she shares that she walks, (after previously being a runner) and how
you do not have to kill yourself at the gym. uh, you dont????

next up:

dashing dish!

uh, i seriously think this little girl is A-DOR-ABLE.

she is cute as a button and her recipes will knock your socks off.

and next up we have another sweet lil thang....

eat yourself skinny!

so there my lovies are the three latest blogs i am pining over. seriously.
(swear i am NOT stalkerish material) i just love a great
thing when i find it!

and some little tips to share the wellness love :

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

so there ya go my love bugs,
go get your health hat on and come back and share one healthy tip or
something you did to improve
happy sunday funday!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy work and a job for you!

 oh hello there! happy day/night.
yes. i made the mistake of ordering a grande iced skinny caramel macchiato at 6:30 this evening
say whaaa?

i had a free coupon that expired tomorrow for ANY size drink and i
felt the sudden urge to pull over at the next starbucks.
honestly, i was yawning and felt like i needed a pick me up. and that it did.
the fact that it is almost 11 and i am still going strong is not good.
5:15 as in AM, comes way too quickly when you cant fall asleep. damn it.

so yes, 3 posts in 3 days. what is going on here? cuhrazy. thats what its called.
truth be told this blog is really a venting ground for me.
i feel that it is a place i can go and share, complain, groan, belly ache etc
about everything that is not going my way.

i am not really complaining, but i am not happy at work. quite honestly, i am  miserable.
(in case any of you lovies work with me), it is not anyone in general.
there have been a whole series of events that have happened in the past year
that make me think i work with a bunch of 5 yr olds. yes.
you read that right. ok, maybe 12 year olds. jr. high.
sooo i am searching. for theeee perfect job. (do they exist?)
well one that makes me smile instead of crying.

k, side tracking i know. i feel that i am rambling. maybe cuz i am.
maybe it was the extremely strong / huge coffee i drank.

so let me ask everyone's opinion. what would your dream job be?

i dont think i have one single job per se. i think i would do a few part time to add up to a lot of money. yes. lots o money.
you know the kind you pick from trees. you all have a money tree right???

well, here is a little job for you. do this and then report back to me that you did it,
and then we will all check back in a few months and see where everyone is at!
k? k.

i receive the emails/blog happenings of this lovie:

this sweet girl, (whom i wish i could have coffee and just chat with), wrote this blog
post on writing a letter to herself.
now go read it. yes.all of it. its not long....

and then i want you to write a letter to yourself. (i am going to do this either tonight or tomorrow)
then seal it up. yep. lick it. seal it right up.

then we are all going to come back and chit chat in a few months.
this is all related to the law of attraction.
it works.
good energy/thoughts attract like wise.
do it.
you will not be sorry.
Found during our morning walk. A message from the universe for me and you.

if you want some inspiration please pop over to her blog.....and just read.
you will smile, i promise.
now get writing your letter to yourself. right stinkin now.


Monday, June 18, 2012

if i only could stay at home full time....

happy monday friendsies!

i have the day off and could not be more excited. i am working on some fun furniture projects, so
hopefully i will be able to post those pics soon!!!

i was up at 7 (about an hour later then i wanted), and ran 3 miles.
well, i did a run/walk. i am trying to nurse a knee/hip injury. still did an 11 min. mile, so for me,
that's not too bad. i run slow....i wish i could pick up the pace,
but right now, i have to take it slowly.

i am drinking my blueberry crumble coffee and just enjoying a leisure morning.
i am dreading going back to workie. ugh.

i want to do fun stuff every day.
if you are fortunate to be able to stay home, what do you do with your time?
if you could afford to be a full time stay at homey, what would you do all day?

i would CREATE. stuff. fun stuff.

i would have an immaculate house.
(does anyone else get tired of the dog hair (if you own a dog)? my non shedding fluffer nugget is
liars. (the people who say golden doodles do not shed)

i would prepare meals ahead of time that i could just pull out of the freezer on days that
i am lounging at the pool!

i would read ALL of the piles of magazines that i keep hoarding.
(yes, i have a problem. its call magazine addiction.)

i would read more books.
(i started 50 shades about a month ago and i am stuck at chap 7)

i would run daily....or at least fit in a GOOD workout.

i would be so organized that people would like be so jealous of me and my organization.

AND i would just make more me time. like pedis and manis and fun stuff....massages....


i would not get bored. i just know it.

oh, i would also make all of the things on pinterest that i keep pinning and never
seem to have enough time to start!

love this:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


k, lovie loves, i am off to finish sanding, painting, laying by the pool, cleaning, etc.
everything i need to accomplish in the next 12  hours before it is time
to go back to workie work.
(insert very sad face here)

may your day be blessed with sunshine and smiles!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy fathers day!

i am quite sure that most of you reading this blog are not fathers.....but you could very
well be a single mom, who sometimes plays the part of a dad and mom at times.

unfortunately, i lost my dear father 5.5 years ago to a disease called pulmonary fibrosis.
appearently, this was acquired from second hand smoke, or that is what most of
the physicians who treated him, seemed to think. he was an air traffic
controller, ( the men in the towers who guide your airplanes safely thru the air!),
but apparently, back in the day you were allowed to smoke inside these towers.
unfortunately, this seems to have been the demise of his life. :(

there are so many times that i wish my dad was still around so i could
share something special with him, or just talk to him about life decisions.
i think so many times we take for granted those little things. you think that your
parents will be around forever, or at least in your heart you wish this. not ever
wanting to think about the day that will come when you have
to say goodbye.

anywhosiedoodles. i hope that you were all able to spend some QT (quality time!) with
the special men in your life, whether it was with a father, a grandfather, or maybe just
someone who was a fatherly role model in your life.

cherish your time with your lovies, because you just never know what the future holds.
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happy sunday funday friends!