Saturday, July 28, 2012

happy summer

happy summer all.
oye. vay.
can y'all believe that it is already almost AUGUST 1? yikes.
like seriously where does the time go?
we have had a wonderfully uber hotttt summer. really hot.
and you know what?
i dont have central air. yep. none. nada.
needless to say, i sweat a lot. wish i could sweat off about 10 lbs of meaningless
i do have a window unit in my bedroom and that does truly help.
i have progressed to getting ready in there. there is nothing worse
then drying your hair when your house feels like
it is 100+ degrees inside.
awful. sticky. messy.

the girls and i just got back from a beautiful 4 day mini vacay 'up north'.
that's what the people in michigan call it.
just up north.
as a child, my parents owned a summer home on portage lake which is a small lake
off of lake superior.
my dad always called in 'god's country' and honestly until
now, i didnt 'get' it.

it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the US.
we traveled to the sleeping bear sand dunes. (amazing also, btw)
and there is this area called empire, where the water,
is turquoise blue. that is NO exaggeration.
it is stunning. i have been to the carribean, mexico, jamaica, etc and i can
tell you that this water is EVERY bit as clear and aqua blue as there.

we had the best time. just girls.
we climbed the dunes, kayaked, ran (thanks tif for making us work out),
we painted rocks, (thanks theresa from Blooming on Bainbridge for the wondeful idea),
we laid in the sun, had a bon fire and made s'mores, saw deer and a fox,
ate home made icecream, made yummy breakfast and dinners, did pedicures,
went to a little town called glen arbor and fish town and RELAXED.
oh and we drank wine. :)
we took our little mini labradoodle with us and she loved swimming in the lake
water and trying to catch minnow. she was an angel. (first time on a road trip)...
and the greatest....
no speeding tix this year. yayyyyyy!!!
princess # 2 and # 3:

fish town:

 just a few quick photos from our little vacay. i have yet to upload the rest.
yes. i am lazy. dont judge!

have a happy saturday lovies! more pics to come!