Thursday, February 24, 2011

addicted and a confession!

i have to confess.
i didnt do insanity last night.
my legs are so so so sore.
i know.
i know.
i sound like a whiney baby.

(shhhushhhh. i am.)

honestly, i probably could have forced myself to do it but instead princess # 3
and i made

can we all say major addiction.
 and if it's bad enough that i didnt do my work out.......

two freaking cuppies.
oink. oink.
(see cupcake liner in back of pic of eaten missing cupcake!)
raw. evidence. yeeeooow.
don't you love how the papers match my countertops?!?

sorry for the flash/glare in this pic (camera phone)...

i was trying to achieve 'tiffany blue'....but i made the buttercream too dark. der.

so, these are chocolate cakes filled with the most delightful vanilla filling.

i wanted to eat the leftover filling with a spoon.
and i may or may not attempted that as well. i mean heck, i am already mooing like a cow
and oinking like piggily wiggily. wth?!?

see recipe below for this amazing sweet treat!

vanilla filling for cupcakes

24 baked/cooled cupcakes.
fyi: i am not too proud to admit this: i use box cake mixes a lot. i typically add a stick of melted butter
and the rest of the ingredients. sometimes an extra egg. sometimes a pack of pudding. i always beat for the full time stated on the box! ! dont cheat!

ok, now on to the good stuff.

6 tbsp. flour. (regular old flour...nothing special)
1 cup milk. (i used gotta count cals somewhere, right?)
1 cup butter (do not cheat! use the REAL stuff, friends!)
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp. vanilla.

whisk flour and milk in saucepan until thick. (this tends to happen very quickly!) do not boil. continue stirring. it may get a little clumpy. strain lumps. the hardest part now: allow to cool COMPLETELY! (you are talking to theeeeee world's most impatient gal!) i did put it in the fridge while i whipped up the rest of our goodies!

oh, and note to self. my flour mixture was THICK. T-H-I-C-K. i couldnt even strain. so i thought what the heck......this could be disastrous. well, guess what??! it worked out fine. don't fret or worry. we are going to add good stuff and it will be alright. i pinky swear!

whip together butter and sugar until nice and creamy. ahhhhh. lets all say caaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrreeeaaaaammmy!!!!!!!
now add your VERY COOL flour/milk mixture and vanilla!
very important step: whip for 7 minutes! not 5......not 8..........SEVEN! seven full minutes!
ok. i know by now you have tasted it??????? AND?????
AMAZING, right?!?

so, we cut out little holes in our cuppies with a little sharp knife (sorry no pics to prove!) reserve your tops....and fill away. fill like you have never filled before!(we just used a tsp.) you could go all high tech and use a cake decorating bag.......then put your cute lil toppies back on!

frost with your favorite buttercream recipe AND sprinkle with large crunchy pieces of sugar! it looked so sparkly and fun when they were done!

AND....honestly, these were sooooo good. princess # 3 took some to her boyfriends fam and they raved. the boy of mine called his partner @ work and told him he just ate the BEST cupcakes EVER. (thanks honey!) i think he devoured three. (made me look a little less like a big PHAT cow) :o)

now go run to your kitchen and bake some of these up for your
people in your life!
they will love you forever.
love you.

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