Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013~lets bloom!!!!

happy new year!
new year. new you!
what did everyone do last night? i hope super duper fabulously fun stuff!!!
i spent it with one of my best friends and her little family!
her and i have known each other forEVER. like forEVER!
we went to nursing school together, our kids are super close in age and grew up together.
i didnt want to do anything too crazy, so when she offered up dinner
drinks, champagne and a hot tub, you bet your sweet booty i was all
over that!
i was very fortunate to be able to stay over at her house so no drinking / driving,
because princess # 3 and friends were home to take care of the fur nuggets!
bliss. i could sleep in and then she even made me breakfast. hollar.
i felt a little bit like a princess!
so what are your new years resolutions?
i dont like to really call them resolutions. i like to think of them as just ways
to improve me.....and my life!!!
i want to focus on all things positive and all the positive changes
that have came to me this year!!!!
i have been very blessed with so much.
and it's true. the law of attractions works. it really does.
try it. you just might like it!!
i have a lot of things going on that make me smile.
i have had some things make me sad in the last few months, but they
are things that i can NOT  change and it is time to move  ON!
the one thing i am doing is choosing my word of the year,
and that word is:

bloom  (noun) 

the flower of a plant.
flowers collectively: the bloom of the cherry tree.
state of having the buds opened: The gardens are all in bloom.
a flourishing, healthy condition;
it represents what is going on in my life right now.
my life is blooming with fullness.
my life is blooming with new growth.
my life is blooming with opportunity.
my life is blooming with joy!
my life is blooming with prosperity!
my life is blooming with fun!
my life is blooming.
so if you could choose a word for 2013, what would you choose?
what are you doing to improve your life this year?
tell me.....i would love to hear!
p.s. i always love getting emails from my readers too! so feel free to email
may the upcoming year bring you peace, joy, happiness, wealth and anything else
your heart desires.