Sunday, April 18, 2010

happy sunday!

and its back to work in the am......oh well...i need to learn to just enjoy my weekends and not think about monday morning until, well, monday morning!!!

i stumbled upon a cute little blog and wanted to share this game! i hope you will check out
this adorable blog mann land and found these questions! there is a link to link in also, so come join the fun!

The questions..

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless? definitely HAIRLESS! that boy of mine shaves it every few days. i love laying my head on his freshly shaved mammothly smooth chest!

2. How often do you run red lights? a lot. well, actually the hubs does and i am just a victim in the passenger seat! and to think he's a police officer.......bad boy.

3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid? hhhmmmm.....i am thinking anyone who doesnt dress too conservatively or too funky. i always have a tough time with this. i dont really 'follow' any one person's style. i do love the housewives of orange county and would love to spend a day shopping with 'most' of them! wink wink....

4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog? well, my blog of course! seeing how i am a 'newbie' to the blog world, i get super excited when i get new followers!

5. What makes you feel sexy? getting dressed up in a little black dress and high heels! and then having that boy of mine tell me how sexy i look and how i turn him on! (blushing......hey, it makes me happy that he's happy!!)

6. I get excited when...........? when i make something for someone and i know they really like it or i can make someone's day by making them feel good about themselves!

7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"? oh by far, outdoorsy. we live for our summers where we can be outside doing ANYTHING! i love to be out in my flower beds, running, hiking, laying on a beach....the list is long! as long as its outside, sunny and warm.....that's where we will be!

8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars? well, we have a really nice home right now....(of course there are things i would change if we decide to move and it is not necessarily my dream home) but i think the money would win out in this one........

so there you are blends....a little bit more about me! i hope you will jump over to mann land and join in the FUN!!

enjoy the rest of your weekend and sunday evening! i cant wait to watch this:

celebrity apprentice!!!

although the hubs just told me that the pittsburgh penguins play tonight also, so there's going to be some serious channel swapping going on!

have a wonderful evening,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

scream for ICE CREAM sammies!

wowza. can you believe you are getting two posts in two days?? yeppers. lil ol me is on a roll. i find it amazing how many amazing blogs i have stumbled across. its amazing how a stop here, will take you here, and then over here.

or how bout these wonderful tutorial/videos for all you sugar cookie FREAKS, as i consider myself. check out this,  karens cookies. if any of you make rolled sugar cookies, this is by far the greatest invention EVA. seriously. this site is the shiznizzle. or how bout a super CUTE fun tutorial on a piece of jewelry....hollar : fun rings HERE!

i seriously get so excited when i truly see all the talented people out there, who are actually willing to share their creativity with the world. so excited. to the point of peeing my pants. um, not really, but sort of.

anyway, upon navigating thru blog land i stumbled upon this beautiful girl who has some of the most amazing recipes i have ever seen. you will be lapping your computer screen i promise. and she posts almost every DAY. her blog is entertaining and filled with holy yumminess. her name is jessica and you can find her
here!! you will also find the ice cream sandwich recipe which i have now made twice and they disappear faster then a magic act. not kidding.  jessica was my inspiration to make these and they are super duper fun....and super duper cute. oh...super duper yummy also!

mini ice cream sammies

one package pillsbury break and bake chocolate chip cookies (you could also use your own recipe, but these are so quick to make!) and bake per directions on package.
vanilla ice cream
sanding sugars or sprinkles in various colors

place cookies in freezer when done baking. (key part)
when cookies are done in freezer. i left in for only about 14.27 mins. (lol. kidding) i left in for like 15 mins.
take a cookie and spread a layer of vanilla icecream about an inch thick. also i put my container in the micro for like 20-30 seconds. this makes it easier to scoop and spread.
top with second cookie. smooth edges of ice cream around cookie sandwich.
roll in various toppings. i always use bright sanding sugars, because i love how they look. you can go crazy and use sprinkles, jimmies, really anything!


heres a lovely pic....dont salivate on your desk. or have a napkin handy.

i left them on the cookie sheet as i was making and that is what those awful 'shadows' are, from when i baked them. these are so EASY and so delish. thanks, jessica! you ROCK!

enjoy your evening, homies. i hope everyone has their TAXES i dont.) call me last minute LUCY!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i am a brunette.....and super fantab banana peanut butter pie!

hi blends.....(bloggers and friends!) happy almost hump day! ahhhh the week is almost 1/2 way done. rock on......gosh, i wish i loved my job so much that i lived for the week, and dreaded the weekends. um. never. going. to. happen. end. of. story.

so i am a brunette....sort of.....i feel like a brunette. i have decided to 86 the bleach blonde look for a more 'sophisticated' i think i am tired of being the blonde 'bimbo'......(and its true....when you are a bleach blonde, people 'mistakenly' think you are DUMMMMMMMB. i once had a work friend tell me that when she first met me, she was! 'i cant believe it....not only are you super cute, and blonde...but you're really intelligent too'.....yep. she actually told me that.....hey, high fives for the super cute, but it just goes to show you that we are judged on looks alone. anyway, heres a pic.....i guess in hind sight, its much lighter then it looks. i freaked the night she did it. to the point that my hair girl told me to wash it twice in DAWN dish detergent......oh, yeah. DAWN. then sleep in a thick conditioner......what eva. yeah, i did it.

ok....i look like i am writhing in pain.....not the most attractive pic....but you get the drift, if i could only get used to it!!!

alrighty, now for the goods. i made this super dee duper rich, fattening, amazing peanut butter banana pie.....two words. BIG HIPS! i promise this will probably add like 5 lbs after consuming.....but seriously its delish. the hubs was being a baby and was like, 'i hate banana cream pie'....i said, puhleeze. just do me a favor and try bite. thats it. one teeny weeny bite. um, yes. HOOKED him in like a fish! (did i just say that??) anyway, he said, 'man....that's some pretty F'ing good Shit.'....nice.

so here you are......i am going to take the rest to the peeps at work. this can not be left in the fridge. hello diet tomorrow.

banana peanut butter pie

one refridgerated pie crust
6 tbsp butter softened (i totally forgot this!)
1/3 cup peanut butter ( i used reduced fat!)
2 cups powder sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp sugar
1-2 bananas sliced
crushed peanuts for topping

preheat oven to 450'.  unroll pie crust out into pie plate. prick bottom with fork a few times. bake for 10 minutes. let cool completely. (i put mine in the freezer to speed up the process.....(i have NO patience).
mix butter, peanut butter and vanilla until well blended. add in powder sugar a cup at a time. when pie shell has finished cooling, spread peanut butter mixture into crust. and top with the nanas.  it will look like this:

and  as you can see i will never win ANY awards for my pie crust capabilities.....

in mixing bowl,  pour in whipping cream, vanilla and sugar. mix until peaks will look like this.....sort of.....

top pie with this mixture of yumminess....and then sprinkle with these:

this is a combination of different nuts. i was lazy.

and last but not least the end result.....oh, and sorry for the piece missing.....that was the BITE i gave to that boy!!!

this seriously is so good. its like sort of banana pie with the filling of a reeses cup.....divine.


nighty night and sleep with angels!!
t bone

Sunday, April 11, 2010

i'm so proud!!!

hello bloggies! i am on cloud nine.....i am super duper proud of the middle daughter. are you ready for this??? she rode her bike over 160 miles over 3 days! yep. almost 200 miles. hollar! she participated in a fundraising event to raise money for special needs children through the miracle all about it HERE!!!!

in addition to the bikers, there is a dance marathon held at the bowling green rec center where dancers literally dance for 32 hours non stop. the bikers are then greeted at the end of the fesitvities where they are joined on stage by their chosen child they have helped raise money for.

here's the little princess at the start of her outing:

um, yeah, not sure whats with the swirley cues thingys coming out of the helmets.....but they were pumped. i think this was after 26 miles.....whoop whoop!
i had a cute video but d/t my technology inadequacies....i have no idea how to upload. der. de. der. (have to work on that)......

but here's a few more pics! (um, yeah....i am sooo proud!) ~she is the one on the leftie!

so there ya have it.....over 100 bikers, raising over $$30,000 for the miracle kids network.....NOW, thats a statement!

on a side note, this child of mine..who i might add is the 'middle' child is such a sweetie. this is the same girl who takes one day a week to visit a nursing / assisted living home to give manicures to all the little ladies.....she works as a 'lil kickers' soccer coach to 2, 3 and 4 year olds. she is a bud light promotional rep, was just elected director for the university activity organization, and was just offered an internship with ESPN! i could not be more proud to call this child my own.....of course we know where she gets these endearing qualities from.....WINK! WINK!

happy monday EVE everyone......i have a super yummy treat to post....but i am craving my blankie and bed! sleep with angels,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy easter EVE!

tis the night before the bunny comes! hip hip hooray. truth be told, this is probably the holiday i like the least.....i am not sure just doesnt appeal to me for whatever reason. i get that its a religious holiday and being raised in a christian home, i get that i should be thankful for this holiday and god bless my very christian mother, whom i am quite sure prays that all of her ducklings will be at church on easter morn!

we celebrated easter tonight at mama P's house. let me tell you this. it. is. always. crazy. over. at. my. moms. there are 5 of us sibs, and we are each our own characters. i swear, not lying, i am a child of the do not act, look, think, or anything else like any of my family. i swear, i was switched at birth. i am one of those babies, who was switched in the bassinette at the hospital. i just know it. at least thats the story i am going with. for now anyway.

anyway, full easter spread at mom's house. baked beans, ham, german potato salad, seven layer salad, rolls, jello fruit salad, sausage, bratwurst and rice of some type. banana cream pie and carrot cake for dessert. i feel like a stuffed piglet. and NOT ONE single pic to show as evidence. bad blogger girl. i was consumed with all of that food that i completely forgot to take any pics. oh well, imagine a feast of fat and that is what you will see!

onto more exciting adventures: through blog land i have found a wealth of great bloggers. seriously, peeps. there are some way funny, entertaining bloggers out there. one i happened to stumble upon is this adorable girl : simplyshaka  i love reading about her day to day activities, the food she prepares, etc. etc....anyway, i was tagged to answer some fun questions, so here we go:

who is your style icon?
  • honestly, this was tough......i love anything from way funky, to something more classic like a j crew look......i dont necessarily have a person whom i can say, THIS IS WHO I WANT TO BE! (or dress like!).....i love a good bargain though, and never pay full price for anything! i LOVE thrift stores!!!
what is your favorite book?
  • the secret. read it. love it. live by it. (this is all about the power of positive thinking)...i am getting ready to re-read. sooo good!
what is your favorite party theme?
  • i love ANY party. as long as there is yummy food and some kick ass cocktails. i love holiday partys. i love getting all dressed up in shiny sparkly outfits and just socializing around the christmas tree!
favorite outdoor activity?
  • living in cleveland, our summers are so short. winters are so long. blah. when we can be outside, its usually hanging at the pool, we love running in the metro parks, and hiking. i love to garden and love the sun!
something you can not live without?
  • love! and my girls and JP. if anything happened to any of them i would DIE.
living person i admire?
  • JP~i am so proud of the work he does everyday. i admire his determinedness (ok, thats not a word...sue me.....) but his strongwill personality and the life he has made for us by working so hard. working extra jobs to be able to afford the finer things in life. refer to question above. i cant live without him!!! xoxo
greatest fear?
  • dying in a plane crash, or having something happen to one of my girls.
go to favorite meal?
  • probably anything pasta. or just plain noodles with butter, olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt and parmesan cheese. yummo. yes, i am a carb WHORE.
what talent would you most like to have?
  • i wish i could handle the negative things people say about me, with a more roll off the shoulders kind of attitude. i tend to let things bother me way more than i should, and in the whole scheme of things, life is just too short. i guess this is not a talent.....talent wish, well, i would like to be able to do yoga where i was so flexible, that i could tie myself into an auntie anne's pretzel!
greatest achievement?
  • raising three beautiful daughters who have turned out remarkably well considering they come from a divorced also, my nursing degree. i worked damn hard to get those initials after my name.....(should have been a teacher so i could have summers off!!!)
so there ya have it! you all know just a wee bit more about me! i am not an exciting chick by any each day to the best i can, and am learning to appreciate what i have right now instead of always wishing for more, or what i dont have.  what do y'all wish for? are y'all content with your life? just curious!!!

nighty night blog world. xoxo

p.s. i hope the bunny delivers everyone tons of chocolate and jelly beans. black ones. (i LOVE black jelly beans!)