Monday, April 25, 2011

and its monday, again

rain rain go AWAY! 
dear mrs. spring. i realize with a strong passion
that the 
grass, the trees, the tulips and all the other flowers need
mucho H2o to fluorish. 

we havent been dry since, um, i don't know like NOVEMBER?
it has either snowed every day or rained.


we did have a 77  degree sunny day on saturday, which was a blessing, seeing 
how i was sitting outside at a track meet all. day. long.

(not complaining in the least)
it's princess # 3's senior year. yeoww! sad. sad. sad.

i even scored a wee bit of sun on this nose. 
(i have sworn off tanning, well, fake tanning, and let me tell you:

tanning beds are 15 mins of pure warmth and bliss. 
i mean who cares if it causes undue wrinkles and skin cancer, right?!?

well, apparently, my health conscience did get the best of me, because i quit. 
the fake tanning anyway. 
not saying i won't lay out by the pool til i am roasted like vegetables.....
just sayin i quit the 'bad' kind of tanning.

k. enough malarky.


i will post the amazing pics of some cute little snuggle bunnies but 
they are on a camera none other then my own. go figure. 

patience is of the virtue, right?!? i promise they will come.

kk, onto more funnnnn STUFF!

lookie lookie what i found:

and she featured this adorable etsy artist. oh my heaven to betsy. etsy. i rhyme. lol. 
yes. i am a dork like that.

so flipping cute!

did you really think i could let a post go by, without mentioning something about my fav lil treat?!?
der. de. der.
the answer is: um, NO!


these were tomkat's favs...and i could not agree more!

head over here! 
 to see carrie's work. ahhhhmazing my dearies!

k, i am off to eat my 4 point pizza. broiled zucchini, yellow squash, garlic and red onion.

tummy hungry.
have a fantabulous day/night (depending on when u r reading this!)

love. you. bye.

i am skipping for joy! i lost 8 lbs! HOLLAR! this chick is getting skinny!

Monday, April 18, 2011


hello lovies!
i am trying to be excited about jumping back into the work week.
i typically ALWAYS have the monday morn blues.
but i am trying to view life differently and
my way.

weekend was uneventful. i sat at princess # 3's high school invitational track meet on friday night.
it was flipping freezing.

this poor lil gal is having relationship issues and has been a basketful of tears lately.
when you are young and in love.
(or old like, me)
you know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out.

poor lil babe. my heart hurts for her.


went up to college to visit princess # 2.

here's a recap of our visit.
took g'ma along for the ride. she loves hanging out with us.

first of all, i should say while parading thru the mall, we came
across these:

yep. utterly HUGE, ridiculously ENORMOUS,
easter bonnets!
or i guess, kentucky derby worthy bonnets?
your call.

of course we had to have a fashion show right there in the middle
of the aisle. 

 even my sweet 72 yr old mom....isnt she adorable?!?

like, people really wear these???
actually, i have to admit....there were a couple that i loved.

i guess, i can tend to be a little extreme in the fashion sense tho....

we made a stop at a place called the cookie jar...

hottttt, warm, fresh baked cookies, made to order.

here's my two models while we waited for the baking!

my lil mini me! lurrvvee that kid!

ok, one last note, if you are feeling crazy and want to vote
for my blog, head over

 k, have a splendid day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

why, hello there

why hello there, blends!

i am so happy today is friday.

i don't like wishing my life away, but i truly love my weekends.

i guess everyone does, right?!?

yesterday a friend at work gave me this to look at:

Go to fullsize image

have you ever read?!?
it actually had some really cool things to check out.

i belong to

which is a magazine subscription service that 'manages' your monthly mags.

i am addicted to magazines. i am like a magazine hoarder.
i ALWAYS, and i reiterate, ALWAYS,
get suckered into buying yet another magazine at the checkout line.


but, i find that a lot of times, i don't have time to get into a full blown book,  but a magazine
will allow me to
'surf' along at my own pace.

the cool thing about maghound is that you can switch it up.
just say you ordered a mag you didn't like....
well, next month you can get something TOTALLY different. way cool, huh?

anyway, through my friend's magazine, i found this cool website
and i started dreaming about summer.

ahhhh....only about a month longer of rain and cold and
"hopefully" we will be on our way
to 90' scorching HOTTTTT sunshiney days!

but lookie at all this fun stuff......

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

i love playing outside in my little flower bout you?

do you like getting your fingers in the dirt?

have a happy weekend, lovies!

p.s. linkin up with

Tidy Mom

for what i'm lovin!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hump day happenins

hoppy hump day.

hoppy in regards to the upcoming easter holiday!
do you celebrate easter?
i thought i would share some
stumbled across.

pottery barn knock offs.

ok, not just for easter but they are awfully springy like!

credit: D and G Stories

or this lovely FREE spring printable! me love some free art work!

credit: landee see, landee do!

lurve these. so fresh and fun. AND
can't kill them! :o)

credit: running with glitter

ohhh eeeemmmm geeeee. i love love love pom poms.
i always have. my mama taught me how
to make yarn ones when i was a wee one.

but these are gorgeous. ideas are shower. baby shower. birthday.
get the point?

credit: lolly jane boutique

and last but not least a yummy lil sweet treat for you my loves,

credit: making memories

so there ya go. a few fun little projects for your spring filled days.

anyone going to attempt these adorable projects?

ok. let me know. love you. bye.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday tales!

HeLLo BloGWorld!
it is fabulous tuesday!
ok, so really tuesdays are not actually fabulous, but it sounds good, right?!?

 it is rainy and a lil chilly here.
we went from 82 degrees, windows wide open, birds chirping,
to 42 degrees, cold and windy.

welcome to the midwest woes.

at least it's not snowing right?!?

here nor there.
weekend was uneventful.
quick run down.
my WW meeting. i fell off the wagon. so i jumped back on saturday.
7:30. AM. yikes. who in there right mind schedules a date with weight watchers at
7:30 on a saturday morning.
hello. me.

i love the spunk of my 'leader' ....i have tried other meetings and i just love her. she is cute.
a little dorky.
but energizing.
in a bunny sort of way.

then i hung out

if you are ever in the cleveland MUST try one of michael symon's yummy burgers.

(way to kick start my weightwatchers, eh?!?)

then headed over


for lots  more fun........

like this:

don't you just love that color BLUE?!?

shower curtains w/lots o ruffles!

the 'happiness project'....i want to read this! i actually saw it at target
the other day....
but since i am an amazon kind of girl, i will go in search of it there....
for a WHOLE lot cheaper!

love all the vintage glassware and bowls. i am a sucker for bowls.
yeah. i am nerdy like that.

whooooo do you love?!?
how cute is HE?!?

what did you do over the weekend?
do you shop @ anthropologie?

in reality, i am WAY to cheap to pay their prices. i would much rather
find real vintage goods at a thrift store
or look alikes @ homegoods aka. TJMAXX or MARSHALLS!
just sayin....

you can have all this fun stuff without paying those ridiculous prices!

oh one last note....for all the april bout these cutie patooties??

Painted Rain Boots {Drab to Fab}

find the tutorial

enjoy your wonderful day, lovies!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday rambling!

oh, well hello there!

what up bloggies?

just wanted to share a few pics with you of the beloved princess # 2 after her
long ARSE bike for tykes ride this past weekend.

she, along with 131 other crazy kids, raised over 65,000 to benefit
Go to fullsize image

they rode in RAIN, HAIL, SLEET and freezing cold temps.
sunday morning the last leg of the journey, the temps were
topping out at a whopping 37'.

whoop! whoop!

it is the most exciting feeling to see all of these bikers come riding down a state interstate,
lead by the local sheriff's department.

it honestly makes you cry and shiver.

AND, i think i mentioned before, she was riding the entire way
on a tandem with her college roomie, whom she
 4th grade!

these kids are all heros in my eyes.
of course there is a special place in my heart for my own, but

the sweetest thing, is that  this child o mine was STILL smiling after all that riding!

she has a personality like nobody i have ever known. i like to think
(she is way sweeter tho!)

so for your viewing enjoyment,

thats princess # 2 and princess # 3.
and i think they are FREAKIN aDorABle!
um, how bout the pipe cleaners on top spell out her name?!?
and how bout she
loves sparkles and glitter as much as ME? helloooo~look at the helmet!?

that's the second member of the dynamic tandem duo!
goooo miss lauren!!

that's grandma. (my momma!)

whooooaaah. who's that sexy mom?!? haahahaha
(i hope y'all know i am TOTALLY kidding)
i need to lose some ellllll beeeeeeessss as in LBS.

and my THREE beautiful lil princess' all together!

can you spell,

 okeydokey artichokeys,
i am off to do my day job.

love you with all my stinkin self,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

brave girls club!

this is the shortest post everrrrrr!

i am super duper pumped.

i signed up for the
soul restoration class over

Brave Girls Club

Brave Girls Club

i need to buy my supplies! yikes. last minute lucy here.

hop on over to

and read all about the fun!

they even have retreats. totally putting on my bucket list!




love you,


Sunday, April 3, 2011

smiles on sunday

so happy sunday funday!

my mood has improved about 10%. 

i have cried a lot of tears. what the hey.

i decided i cry a lot. 

is this like some huge discovery? 
um. no.

i cry at just about anything. 

(i cried watching that dumb show MOBBED the other night)

but, anywhosies,  i went out after my 'engagement' discussion 
tried to cure my mood with a  little retail therapy.

a big
with extra sauce.
i can feel them stuck to my hips as we speak.

i can't sleep. it is only 6:10 on sunday morning 
i am being honest.

my feelings are VERY hurt. 


i prayed a lot last night and know that the big guy
upstairs will handle this 
as it's supposed 

in the interim. 
what can i do?


i guess my whole thought about the situation is this:

don't tell me one thing, make oodles of promises, beg me,
and then when you 
get comfortable 
you decide

here's a thought. don't say anything. 

don't make promises you have no intention of keeping.

you know the old saying: 

why buy the cow when you can get the freaking milk for FREE?!?

who's the dumb one here, really?!?

ok. done ranting. 

onto fun stuff.

stuff that will truly make me smile.
and hopefully you TOO!


like really? how can you not think this is the sweetest lil pic, eva? 




i bet he'd want to marry me.





there is something really weird about this......but it sort of made me giggle.


moving right along.....who do we have here?!?


it's a hamster. on a leash. yep.

and last but not least.

i want to snuggle with him:


source: pinterest, squirrels007

k, i am off to do some laundry.

today princess # 2, makes her way back from her million mile 
bike ride!

she has rode in hail, freezing weather and says her BUTT hurts like hell.
god bless her.
say a prayer that all the little bikers make it back safely!

love. you. bye.

Friday, April 1, 2011

fun friday!

hey all!

HaPpY FrIdAy!

hip hip hooray! the weekend is here once again....

my agenda:

friday night:

the boy that i cohabitate sort of with, is taking his two hooligans to the indians home opener.
this allows me some much needed
girl time.

i am hoping to conjure up princess # 3 into joining her mama for some lovin.
promising to buy gifts at the mall is almost always good for some
mom/daughter bonding.

maybe we'll even get crazy and go get a pedi.


nothing too wild. i know hard to believe.
i am not even going to say we are going to try to make it to
the westside market, because
we live by
our pants.
when i have set plans it never goes as thought.

i need to go to the bank and open up a new savings acct.
every year i say i am going to do this for christmas and
guess what????

i don't.
this year, my friends is THE year. yep.

sunday funday:

princess # 2 is doing her BIKES for TIKES bike ride.
yay for her.
she is biking almost 400 miles over the course of the next three days.
i am so proud.

this bike ride benefits  the

here she is prior to her adventure yesterday afternoon.

like, seriously how cute is she?
i know i am her mama and all. but honestly, her cuteness
matches her personality.

she is a sweetie pies.

 guess what?
she is riding a tandem with her friend lauren. yikes.

here they are:

silly willies. cute outfits, girls!

tif is on the right. miss lauren on the left.

i worry (from a mom's perspective) about rocks, cars and other crazy stuff
are on
that million mile bike ride....say a little prayer for them.

alrighty, i have been 'attempting' (and i say that loosely)
to get back
my insanity workouts and healthy eating habits.


ya know when you can't have something or you start to watch your intake
how you want to eat EVERYTHING?!?

sooo here's a little listy to help all of us stay on track:
  • opt for low cal fast food options. um, der. this is not rocket science peeps.
  • cook at home. i find preparing really does help. as in prepare your lunch and snacks in advance.
  • laugh out loud. lol. laughing burns 10-40 cals/10 mins
  • focus on what foods you will add to your diet....instead of thinking about what you are cutting out!
  • exercise. yep. it actually works. when i was really crazy about running, i would go at lunch and work out like a mad woman for almost an hour. i, then found that even fitting in a half hour will give you results! don't slack. put it on your calendar and DO IT!
  • shop the perimeters of the grocery store!
  • perfect your posture.....try adding in a yoga or pilates class. for every inch you slouch, you look like you weigh 5 lbs MORE. holy crikeys.
  • indulge in small splurges. this is why i {{{heart}}} weight watchers. you CAN eat absolutely anything your little heart desires! anything! and honestly the plan works.
  • keep a food diary. i know this is big for me. hold yourself accountable. seeing it on paper is a reality slap. if you're not recording, you tend to 'forget' that bite of this or that bite of that.......
  • snack during the day. i try to keep baby carrots, peppers and cut veggies in the fridge. this way you are more likely to grab these instead of those potato chips! (and actually, when i am really watching, i will not even buy 'bad' stuff. out of sight. out of mind. if it's not there, guess what???? i can't eat it!
  • eat the 'magic meal'....BREAKFAST. when i do this, i really do seem less hungry throughout the day!
so there ya go. looks like much easier on paper then actually doing it.

what helps you stay on track? anything i did not suggest?

cheers to a healthy and fun weekend!
love. you. bye.

oh and p.s.

in honor of princess # 3's bike ride:

isnt this the cutest darn bike/basket/flowers/color you've ever SEEN?