Thursday, March 31, 2011

time flies!

hello beautiful dolls!

tis almost the end of the week, yet again!

i have

Grasslands Road Sweet Soiree 4-Inch by 4-1/4-Inch Cupcake Shaped Tidbit Plates 4 Styles, Set of 4 Gift Boxed
seriously? how freakin cute are these plates?
Grasslands Road Sweet Soiree 3-1/2-Inch by 4-1/2-Inch "Sprinkles" Covered Cupcake Bowl with Spoon
i guess we could put some SuGaR in here for our caffeine addiction!

Product Details

how bout a cute lil journal to record our most intimate feelings??

Grasslands Road Just Desserts Cupcake 16-Ounce Message Mugs Two Styles, Set of 6
ohhhhh eeeeemmmm geeeee. i {{{LURVE}}} these.

Product Details

a new recipe book, perhaps....

allright, it's back to workie work....
ahhhh.....and to dream of my favorite dessert....


p.s. credit for all pics can be found

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hi friends!

hi lovies!

by the time you read this, it will be hump day....

so, a happy happy hump day to you.....

i just finished scholarship letters for princess # 3. yes.
scholarship letters.
little peanut butter cup will be leaving the bunny nest in 5 very short months.
insert sad sad sad face, here.

when you have your children you can't wait.
you can't wait for them to 
then they never stop.
you can't wait for them to talk.
then they never stop.
you can't wait for them to sleep the night.
then they do that too.
you can't wait for that first day of school. 
then look. 
my teeny weeny baby girl is getting ready to leave.

bless her sweet stinkin heart.

i want my little baby doll back....the one who ALWAYS asked for shoes for her bday...
instead of toys....(hhhmmm see a pattern like mama like daughter?)

when she was a little girl she said i could go with her to her prom.....
do you think she still means that?


credit: sydnibug1 via

wish she was super duper small like this again........
just sayin....


Monday, March 21, 2011

party recap!

well, hello there!

happy monday lovies!

how was the weekend?

i did not have much of a relaxing weekend.

operation DESSERTS devoured ALL of my weekend.

not complaining...

JuSt SaD it's monday already.....again!

so here's some pics of the goodies!

let it be known that the table we had to work with, was barely large enough
delicious madness.

we made it work.

we had to leave off some of our decorations, but hey......

it didn't seem to bother anyone.

first of all....
my most prized possessions:

from left to right: princess # 1, princess # 3 and princess # 2.
aren't they so darn cute!
(bragging rights. they are mine!)

insert the baby mama, kelly between princess # 3 and princess # 2!!

evie: short for genevieve! isn't that sweet.
those are onesies, btw.

 yep. those are piggies. pink polished little girl piggies!

the color scheme was orange, pink and yellow which i absolutely adore!

i found the tutorial for the cupcake towers
first seen on chickabug....

but it was actually first
seen over at annie eats,


it was fairly simple and i love that you can cater to make it ANY color!!

linking up with these lovelies:


k, gotta run!
love you tons,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

greatful saturday!

oh hi there!!
thanks for stopping!
i just wanted to let all of you know the things that make me smile.
in the wake of japan's natural disaster,
it's so easy to see how quickly
one's life can
turned upside down.


so random list of what makes me happy and greatful!


my kiddos.
(you knew i was going there, admit it)....
lol. i am a mom.
they make me laugh, cry and everything inbetween.
i am thankful they are in my life.
i always tell people we are a VERY open family. sometimes they share TOO much.
(do i really need to know that you got THAT drunk at the college FRAT party?)
um, no.
but we DO keep it REAL!
i have never been one of those moms, to say, "OH, my sweet lil angel
would never do THAT"...because a. they probably will. or b. they probably

#2. my warm house.
so many people are homeless.
i am blessed.
so very blessed.


if you are taking the time to read this teeny weeny little blog then you are as special
to me as white chocolate raspberry mocha lattes!
i love reading each and every comment you make.
they ALL put a smile on my face
and a lot of times when i am having a bad day,
it's here where i come for comfort!!
(no pressures to comment or anything!)
this blog has become a venting ground and a place where i can
ramble about, well, whatever i am feeling at that moment!
i like that.
not to mention i have made so many friends via this crazy blog world.
it humbles me.


my life. i love that i have a nice life. i love that i have a warm bed to sleep in
every night and a nice little kitchen where i can create
yummy baked goodies. i love my job and the flexibility that
i can work from home, especially when we have
snow higher then my car doors!!
i am looking forward to spring so i can plant my little flowers and sit out in the warm sun!!


there are soooo many things i have in my life i am thankful for. the ones mentioned above
are just a few that make me smile!!
i hope that you have things in your life that make you smile as well.
care to share?!?

k, now i am  off to finish baking.
(i am knee deep in sugar, flower, chocolate and coming soon!)
love your guts,
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Friday, March 18, 2011

fun friday!!!

it's my FaV day of the week.....AGAIN!
it's a whopping 53 degrees here in the midwest!
yippee skippee!
insert hop of joy!
just like this:
Go to fullsize image

i am working from home so not really outside enjoying the SUN....but
i will be at some point....

i have a baking extravaganza in my kitchen planned for the weekend.
it's princess # 3's friend's baby shower
we are

game plan:

100 cake pops!
ie. red velvet and chocolate fudge.

100 cupcakes!
tropical vanilla (pineapple w/cream cheese frosting!)
chocolate filled with strawberry fluff
chocolate filled with french meringue buttercream....hollar!
white chocolate mocha, w/raspberry buttercream....
(um, thanks SUNNY BUG! )

and last but not least:
100 baby onesie sugar cookies:
which will hopefully look like this:

photo credit: karen's cookies!


i have not been very motivated, so i need to get crackin later today and tomorrow.
i hate working under pressure.
how bout you?

i have been reading online about orginizational tips and list making seems to be
the start.

set a goal.
make a list.
scratch off.

check out zenhabits
for ways to stay organized! i love it!!

also, on ehow
you can find lots o fun ways to stay on target!!

i just bought this lil ol notebook and these fun markers to help
me tackle my current goals:

 i am paper/pen/marker/pencil OBseSSed.
not lying.

i can walk down these aisles a hundred times.

but anywhosiesdoodles,
i bought this inexpensive note book to carry with me to
jot down ideas, notes, reminders, lists etc.
it fits easily into my purse.

my goal is to make one of those cute lil journal covers like this one:

Image of covered notebook - hello roses gold

photo credit: the pleated poppy!

just an FYI~take a peek at all of the pleated poppy's fun goodies!
lurve them.

i am off to start my baking madness.

love you bunches,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

highly addicting!

hi blends! (remember that stands for blogging+friends)

HaPpY St.PaTRicKs Day to YoU!
i am sad.
i have to travel out of town for one night for bitzness. boo.
i like the comforts of my home.
but whatev.
it's for one night. free hotel. free meals. mileage reimbursement.
equates= nice little chunk of bonus in next pay.


 have you all discovered these two amazing sites:


let's all hold hands and just say "ahhhhhmazing"together, in harmony!!

pinterest catalogs collections of 'stuff'. yep. stuff.

i love drool alot over many of the fun things on there.

like for instance:

like hoarders have a problem, well, um, hoarding...i have a problem....
browsing. i love looking at how others
organize their goodies.
is it not such fun?!?
er. admit it.

then, with ishare......well, people do just what the title says.
they ShaRe.
not just ordinary things.
FREE printables.....

not lying. FREE. FREE. FREE....

like all those darn fricken cute subway art thingys.


credit: funky polka dot

St. Patrick’s Day Art
credit: ishare printables!

walk your sweet little arses over to both of these sites and i GuARAntee

LoVe your GUTs,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hey o!
happy day to you!
ever hear of pendant lighting


when we built our home, we tried to do everything cost effectively.
which doesn't always mean.
we have the
in the dining room
i have thought about painting it......
i have thought about buying a new one.

what's your take on these:

Pacific Coast Lighting - 84-7957-7W - Essentials Chateau Mini Chandelier in White Rubbed

too girly, eh?

Nuvo - 60/380 - Castillo  Chandelier in Textured Flat Black

i like this.....but too scrolly?

Murray Feiss - F1885/3ORB - Boulevard  Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze

not dressy/flashy enough?

Murray Feiss - P1071CB - Tuscan Villa Single Light Pendant in Corinthian Bronze

 (this is  a pendant lighting example....)
me likey....
but prolly not in the dining room!

take your super duper sweet hineys over
 see anything ya like?!?

i am so un-decisive!!
but on a side note

happy pre-st. patricks day to you...

or should we just say erin go bragh?!?
love you bunches,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tuesday happiness!

do you ever notice most of my blog titles include the word happy in some form?
i wanted to share a few cool things with you!

fun goodies. fun stuff. i pinky promise!
so about 2 yrs ago, i read the book,  the secret!
one of my friends had told me about it and i was a little reluctant to believe.

then, i read it.
and i, too, became a believer.
it's all about the law of attraction.
when you think positive thoughts, positive things will come to you.
i started to practice it.
and guess what?

i bought all of the princess' their very own copies on amazon for uber cheap.
(honestly, i think only one has 'started' to read hers....)
making sad face right now....

but so many things have come to me, because i have used the law of attraction.
try it. don't be shy.

(you just may be pleasantly surprised yourself!!)
the website that i referred you to above, also has true, heartwarming stories that

soooo, where was i going with this?!?
ah yes.
free goodies.

run over and check this site out. here's the dealio.
look at all the available parties.
choose one, two or five. (i don't think there is a limit)
your application is reviewed.
if your application is accepted and you are chosen, you basically
are mailed FREE goodies to host the party.

our house party is a "digiorno pizza party".
just what my fat ARSE needs.

but hey. it is free.
i can feed 14 guests. you also receive VIP gifts for your guests, (which i assume are coupons)
and STUFF.

basically it's an opportunity to have a party and review that particular selected party.
i have applied for a sewing party as well, but have not heard back yet.

i will post pics. our party is going to be held 3/25/11.
wanna come?!?

anywhosiedoodles. this is just one of quite a few things i have received in the past few months.
i have won various blog giveaways.
i won a 100.00 american express gift card.
i won a carrabas dinner for 10.
lots o goodies.

i also believe that when you GIVE to others, you will RECEIVE!
it is TOTALLY worth it.

what's your take on the law of attraction?

also, groupon is giving away money as well. if any of you are not familiar with this
awesome site, go check it out and pretty please with pink icing use my
referral code!

i have bought plenty o gift certificates via this site and have yet to be disappointed!

one more thing to share. this is the cake i decided to make for princess # 3's bday
this weekend:

source: sweetapolita

i cant stop drooling looking at it.
i think i gained 5 lbs from all the staring.
not lying.

alright. i have to go to the cake store. i need a # 123 tip for those beautiful ruffles.
love you,

Friday, March 4, 2011

"feauxstess" fun!

hello my pretties!

happy friday!

hip hip hooray.

so i am sharing my first baking FAIL.
yep. big time.

i had a baking request. a request for hostess filled cuppies.

i was like, easy. done. complete.

well, settle down little soldiers. not as easy as i thought.
(that's what happens when i get cocky.)

so princess # 3 and i have decided that we will attempt a new
cupcake flavor once a week.

we pretend we are on cupcake wars...

it is fun. girl bonding. delicious.
(oh well.....everything is good in moderation, right?!)

so off we went to start our 'feauxstess' creation.

we used a dark fudge cake mix for starters.
i always 'dr' up a cake mix.
i will bake cakes with "REAL" ingredients, a pinch, a good box cake mix is ok to use.
add some pudding, extra butter (yep the real dealio)
an extra egg....don't get too crazy.....but you get the idea, right friends?!?

bake. cool. fill.
use this filling if you want:

then make your GANACHE.
insert, this is where the major fail occured.
i tried to double the ganache recipe. i tried to wing it. i tried to eyeball it.

der. de. der.
(blonde girls should NEVER just wing it)
womp. womp. womp.

my ganache never set. it was a pool of runniness. eww. even sounds yucky.

i laughed about it. i said the boy and i were going to paint ourselves in in later.

i tried to chill it and see if it would set.
(you all know how incredibly impatient i am)

it finally got a teeny weeny bit thicker. not much. white icing for the little scroll on top, well, i made that too thick.

oh well....we cant always be perfect....

here's ONE....
i repeat.....

and then....the boy.....
dropped the frosting bag on the only one that turned out....and RUINED it.

good thing we REALLY were not on cupcake wars!!!

yeppppp! that's it, lovies....before the frosting bag dropped on it.
the only one flipping cuppie that actually turned out.

next week was going to be red velvet.....but i can not stand failure. we HAVE to
make these AGAIN.

have YOU ever had a baking fail?!?

linking up with these lovelies.....

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have a fantabulous weekend!
love you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

pretty in pink!

hi pretties!

happy thursday! happy march 3~

just wanted to share some

pink loveliness with you!


icing designs!!

isn't the gray dress with the pink flower belt AAHHHHMAAAZING?!?

lurve it.

and more from these cutie patooties:

am i too old for pink GLITTER shoes??!!?

Vintage Styled Mauve Rose Garden Ring


barely pink chrysanthemum flower necklace on chain

i just ordered this beautiful trinket, in IVORY! groopdealz had an amazing deal! lucky me!

compliments of:

love stitched!

do you just love the color pink as much as i do?!

have a wonderful day! xoxoxo

p.s. hop on over to all these wonderful blogs for an amazing blog hop!!

The Two Savvy Sisters

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


hi lovies!

it's hump day!

it's almost spring.

it's sunny!

yesterday i received my email from

inside its goodness was info regarding
'frosting for the cause'...

which basically is exactly what it says:

Bloggers who are volunteering to post on the Frosting for the Cause website have committed to donating to the American Cancer Society. At the end of the year, we will have raised over $9,125 for research that goes into fighting those cancers that affect women.

soooo with that being said, i headed over to the

and guess what??!!??

i am going to be a guest blogger on JULY 2, 2011

whoop whoop!

there are some guidelines you have to follow, but this is such a wonderful idea.
i am so super pumped to be able to commit to this challenge!

Frosting for the Cause

anyone else up for an amazing volunteering opportunity?

i know there are so many people whose lives have been affected by cancer.
if you know a woman who is currently in treatment, there is information on the site
to enlist a cleaning person for them.....for FREE!

i can't decide yet what flavor cuppies i will bake...i guess i have time!

and take note of all of the wonderful volunteers/bakers who are helping fight cancer!
i am amazed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday one day closer to friday!

hola amigos!
that is the extent of the 4 years i took of spanish. sad, huh?!?

happy tuesday bloggies.
i started my day off with a visit to the ENT.
for non medical folksies, that stands for:


dr. fine to be exact. lol. not kidding. that was his name.

(not fine, in my book, if we are ranking him on a 1-10 scale, but.....i guess
all drs can not look like mcdreamy right?!?

it. was. not. fun.

i had to have my throat numbed with some wonderful  lidocaine and then the very
'nice' (not being condescending at ALL) dr. proceeded to
shove push  place a camera down my throat. wtf?
anyway, glad to say i dont have cancer. i do however, have a very
gorgeous deviated septum and GERD.
otherwise known as gastroesophogeal reflux disease. another wtf?!?

oh well,....whats a girl to do?!? i am just glad i dont have oral cancer.
(obviously with the passing of my sister in sept. and her hubby having throat cancer)
i was being probably a little hypocondriac'ish...(i know that is NOT a word.)
but better safe then SORRY.

sorry! no pics of my very extensive go down your throat with a camera experience!!!

ok. next subject. i am contemplating getting a puppy.
i know a LOT of y'all have pets.

i like puppies.... a lot.....but they do GROW up. i just dont know if i want to commit.
a baby seems less commital then a puppy.

but look at this face:

as soon as i picked him up and set him down, he literally ran to my coach purse and
climbed in.
like really?
a man that likes coach purses?!?

instantaneously, sucker plastered across my forehead.

i think the puppy owner saw it.
but....i resisted the urge....just yet.

anyway, i like the darker one. i originally thought i liked the lighter one,

mr. black furball had a spunky, feisty, sassy personality.

i feel like we have a really busy, easy life. we come and go as we please.
what's a girl to do?
opinions valued...lmk
that's all.
love you.