Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hi friends!

hi lovies!

by the time you read this, it will be hump day....

so, a happy happy hump day to you.....

i just finished scholarship letters for princess # 3. yes.
scholarship letters.
little peanut butter cup will be leaving the bunny nest in 5 very short months.
insert sad sad sad face, here.

when you have your children you can't wait.
you can't wait for them to 
then they never stop.
you can't wait for them to talk.
then they never stop.
you can't wait for them to sleep the night.
then they do that too.
you can't wait for that first day of school. 
then look. 
my teeny weeny baby girl is getting ready to leave.

bless her sweet stinkin heart.

i want my little baby doll back....the one who ALWAYS asked for shoes for her bday...
instead of toys....(hhhmmm see a pattern like mama like daughter?)

when she was a little girl she said i could go with her to her prom.....
do you think she still means that?


credit: sydnibug1 via etsy.com

wish she was super duper small like this again........
just sayin....


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