Monday, June 28, 2010

mac n cheese monday!

ya gotta love comfort food, don't ya??! even when it's 90 and humid. i will never turn down a good plate, bowl of the creamy, gooey, cheesey stuff we call mac n cheese! recipe below.

sooo it's back to workie tomorrow. i am sounding happy, huh?!? it's a lie. a big fat lie. i am trying to fake myself into thinking that it will be fun. lol. (laughing hysterically to myself).....the NICE part about this week, is that A. 4 day work week.....AGAIN! AND, B. i start vacation roughly at 3:00pm on friday......AGAIN. everyone do a somersault and back flip for me! very excited.

today i just did some shopping with those hooligans of mine......

well actually minus the blondie in the middle.....she had way more important things to do like hang with her boyfriend!

the little one (purple sweater girl).....just broke up with her boyfriend like 5 seconds ago. well it seems like it know how young love is....she is heartbroken. she was not the 'break upper', but the 'break uppee' ~and just doesnt get it.....say a little prayer for her. she is really an emotional kid and i feel so bad for her....there is nothing worse then having your child hurt and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. we all told her to ignore double D. (as in dumb DREW)...and he will come lapping like a puppy with his tail between his legs like  ALL  men do. poor girl. huggies and lovies to her. i cant tell you how many times she broke down in big crocodile tears in the middle of shopping today.........

ok, so on to some REAL LOVE. i heart mac n cheese. it is seriously, my fav comfort food and if my hips didn't or wouldnt show it, i would eat it every flipping day. heck, i would probably bathe in it. and lick it off my body. gross. 

this recipe is a sure fire winner. add it to your next pot luck rotation. it is heaven to the palate.....AND the best's super duper EASY. i think all my recipes are easy. seriously. i like yummy stuff that does not require a lot of try it for yourself. let me know how goesies......

monday mac n cheese

one lb. pasta cooked and drained. (we love either spirals or bow ties best!)
1 stick butter. yes. the. real. stuff.
3/4 cup milk
salt, pepper, garlic powder
3/4 pound velveeta cheese ( ok, i buy the big box -in the refridgerator section) and use about 3/4 of this)

spray 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray
pour pasta into baking dish
cut butter into cubes and spread evenly over top of noodles
cut cheese into cubes as well, and spread evenly over top of noodles
pour milk on top of noodles, cheese and butter
sprinkle with seasonings

bake at 350 until top is slightly brown and bubbly....i usually bake for about 1/2 hour.
serve immediately while HOT!



pure deliciousness!

one last note, i just met a new blend! check out  pam's blog!! and see these really cute budget porch ideas! love them!

have a great night blendies! i will be back soon for more of my crazy ramblings!!!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

smiley sunday!

happy sunday bloggies!! i hope you have all enjoyed your weekend as much as i have!

i started my weekend on thursday afternoon at 3:00! i have a long weekend, and do not have to go back to hell,  i mean, work, until tuesday morn! ooohhh yay! i am loving life. (again, i reiterate...until tuesday morn gets here!)

i started out my weekend running around getting gifts for the birthday boy! (he had a birthday on friday!)....I LOVE YOU, HONEY! you are my best friend and every day is an exciting journey! i look forward to spending many more special days with you!)


 drinkin one of our favorite 'adult bevvies'.......

i did manage to lay by our pool for about a 1/2 hour......however, the sun has not been my friend lately. you are talking to a sun goddess who 'used' to tan in those 'cancer causing' beds.....lay out in the sun until my skin looked like fried bacon. i was always the queen of tan. the browner....the better.....AND if you can believe this one....i actually used to lay, when i was in high school, on top of our garage, on foil, lathered in BUTTER...and wait, thats not it....real lemon juice poured on my hair to get the 'au natural'.. sun kissed highlights. yes, true story. i think i have since learned that 'pale' is in.....or that melanoma is OUTIE.

but, as i was rambling, i still love the sun....but try to be smart about it. i now actually use sunscreen, and have given up tanning beds......but the last two times i have sat outside, i have developed blisters on my chest and tops of my legs. wth? its annoying. i dont know if the UV rays are that much stronger or what. maybe it's just that my poor skin has had, now my friends, i am limiting sunning to a time......

ok, sorry i get off on my tangients....

back to smiley sunday! i wanted to post some pics that make me smile....i am on a smile kick again.....i think i will do this on sundays.....

how can this not make you smile?

i am OBSESSED with sock monkeys has to do with a commercial that's out right now...i think  KIA has a commercial ......where the sock monkey is flipping adorable.

or how bout this???

this was at a little boutique i recently visited! it's a notebook.....but made me smile!

ok, blog land, i don't have much for you on this sunshine filled morning....i wanted to tell you ALL thanks for taking the time out to read my daily ramblings, AND thanks so much for all of your comments! i LOVE reading each and every one of them! it means the WORLD to me! blogging has become an outlet for me and even though i do not post everyday, i really try to keep up with reading all of your blogs! it's an obsession!

enjoy the rest of your day! one last question.....what's on your 'bucket' list for summer? is there something that you want to do, or accomplish before labor day?

love and hugs,

Monday, June 21, 2010

calling all you sugar cookie lovers!

i have discovered the most amazing technique for decorating sugar cookies. EVA. seriously. (oh yikes, there i go with the "S" word already!)....but shinizzley sakes, this is so cool. i guarantee if you decorate sugar cut outs you will love this!

find my amazing sugar cookie recipe HERE!  this is where the fun begins!

there are some tips on decorating cookies from our lovely friends over at ~Our Best Bites!~

in addition to the decorating tutorial, you can find some super amazing recipes on their blog! it's one of my all time favs!

ok, on to business in cookie making land, there is this website/shop called
karen's cookies!

there is an amazing tutorial found on this website that shows you how to mix your colors and use the same plastic decorating bag repeatedly.....(at the end of this post, i will include the link for the tutorial...but i am making y'all read the whole thing! (just in case you's not for you! lol)....kidding....just being a dork....but i guarantee you will want to try....

so bake your fav cookie recipe. allow to cool...a. long. time. (me, being miss impatient, have the HARDEST time with this step. i always want to rush things, which in turn just ends up in a big mess of colors running together.

mix up your fav royal icing. dye with your favorite gel dyes....(i have heard alot about this brand.....
but i have only tried wilton. (not thrilled to say the least)....

next tear off about a 14x14 size piece of saran wrap......(yes. i said saran wrap.) pour frosting in middle, like this:

next, bring two edges up together so your folding frosting up (sort of....) wheeww. this is hard to explain. good thing the tutorial will show you how! wink wink!

now twist edges together, like you would a giant piece of gum or this:

yes, it looks silly. trust me. i didnt think this would work either. queen of being skeptical....(that's me)

now you are going to drop into a prepared plastic liner ......or whatever decorating bag  you use....
(prepared, i mean having the coupler inside it)....

it will look like this:

now snip off the extra saran wrap and screw on your favorite tip and get to work. NOW!

when done with this color, simply pull out from the top of bag and reinsert another color. i dont like getting my hands messy. (yes, call me a wussy. i am and i rightfully admit it)....but when you combine wilton dye, sticky royal icing you have created a major mess.....and you go thru a lot of bags when using different colors......

so here is the linky link to the tutorial. humor me and watch it and let me know what you think! also, i would love to hear from anyone who has done this and anyone willing to give it a whirl!

here are some of the ones i made very quickly on saturday. it was for a set of twins, boy and girl, 21st bday bash!!!

see how i said, i am impatient....some of my frosting ran together....but still cute, i think. sort of.

here's one more for your viewing pleasure!

the 'birthday boy' obviously got the blue and green....and the 'birthday girl' the pink ones! i didnt sample them, but i heard they were simply delish!

soooo that's all i have for ya blog land on this absolutley amazing monday, first day back at work after vacation, start of the work week. i am waiting on becoming independently wealthy. so i can join the numerous amounts of people who stay home every day! seriously.

have a great night.

Friday, June 18, 2010

my amazing panini maker!

happy friday bloggies! i am usually so super excited that the weekend is almost here...however, we are winding down vacation laziness and i am sad. like seriously sad. oh need to fret the small stuff right?

i wanted to share with you my amazing lunch i whipped up yesterday with my brand spankin new panini maker! compliments of two of my adorable girls. yes! i think i mentioned i had a birthday coming up and they surprised me with this:

soooo now, i, too, can join the ranks of many ~eating these sinfully delish's what i threw together.....(be nice....we havent been to the grocery ALL week)....

i snagged some yummy jalapeno cheddar bread at this amazing polish bakery near our home, (and i maybe, sort of, also tried their flaky, long, cream cheese filled 'snoogli')....maybe...just sayin....

i filled with lowfat ham, mexican cheese mix, parmesan/romano/asiago shavings, sprayed with cooking spray, sprinkled with garlic powder and montreal produce these delightful results:


i had the super smaller one of the two.....and they were fabulous! so good that the hubs asked for them for dinner also. lol. silly man.

so whats everyone doing this weekend? i hope super fun stuff. it is finally clear, blue skies, sunny and looking ever so summery outside this morning. yay! (bet ya didnt know that i LOVE my hot filled summertime days!)

pondering you ever wonder about your life??? (ok, yes, this is a weird question)....but do you ever wonder if you are where you are supposed to be??? making the right choices, and doing whats best for you??? since i have been on vacay mode, i have been thinking a lot....and sometimes, i just wonder.......

it's just a question.....

i hope everyone has a fantabulous start to their weekend! enjoy some fun and sun! xo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

they're blooming!!!

hipppp hipppp hoooray!

lets all say, "t~you're a dork!"....yes, i think we have all already agreed on this general concensus (did i spell that right?)....or is it consensus?

sooooo not last year but the year before......the hubs decided he would trim the hydrangeas....let's say major hair cut for trim them down to their bare A****. ouch. poor little pink hydrangeas.....yes, he cut them down, (in his defense, it was the end of the blooming season and he 'thought'....they should be hacked, errr trimmed down)....but apparently, he trimmed them so low that they never bloomed last season. yep. not one stinkin about major disappointment. i thought he has scarred them for life. i thought we would never see another bloom!

yes, i am excited. hydrangeas are my second fav flower. gerbera daisies being FIRST....

sorry the pic is a little blurry......but you get the idea! especially PINK gerbera daisies! they always make me smile! so fun and girly!

but look what also is blooming in my flower garden.......

my lavender!!! whooop! whooop! yes, and it smells so super duper amazing....remember my post about loving the smell of fresh laundry...esp. lavender vanilla fabric softener....delightful!

i also whipped up a sweet little summertime wreath for the front door~i try to make a new one for every season and holiday......(they are super easy with the help of a little ribbon and this little amazing thing called a glue gun.....

sorry the camera i was using was my phone and the lighting is not sooooo good! but again, you get the drift....just simple. thats how i have been living life these days. rolling with the punches, enjoying the summer dog days of summer (and yes, mother nature, any time you would like to give us some sunshine, and hot sticky weather, i am A-OK with it.)......

what have y'all been doing to enjoy your summer??? 

happy thursday! i am sad, our vacation is quickly coming to an we do have some fun stuff planned for the remaining few days...will keep ya posted with pics very soon! xoxo 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ugh....that damn carrot cake!

how many times do we say, ok, this is D in DIET and then bam.....we fall to pieces, by like, i dont know......10 am?? um, yeah, lets just pretend i NEVER do that, but truthfully my dear blends.....i am way guilty! i have such good intentions and then BAM. typically its when i get home, after being gone for so long, at that fun place i call hell, i mean work..... that i am ravenous and will consume the first deliciousness that comes my way.....i honestly dont know whats going on with me. i am starving. and eating healthy has not been in the works.

so back to the title of my post....i have a birthday coming up and we rotate bringing cakes in to our need i say more. seriously. (i say that S word, like way too much), but anywhoosies, the cake that was brought in honor of my dear bday was the most sinful, delectable, moist, carrot cake i have ever laid tongue and teeth into. pure heaven.

so needless to say.....the diet has been on the slacking side for um, yeah, day 2 now. ( i swore monday was going to be it.....) but then re - read paragraph 2 again, and you have a repeat of tuesday! yikes. aannnnnddd, i, am for whatever reason, retaining water in my ankles. i have kankles today and yesterday, so god only knows what the H is going on with that. oh, lets see, sugar, sodium, and probably lots more i cant even remember.  i did go to my yoga class today, so i feel a weeeeeee bit  better about the cake....(ok, not that much better).....but kinda!

so, i wanted to share this awesome, easy, delightful 'almost' homemade salad dressing with you. my oldest child who has become quite domesticated AND is learning to love to cook, developed this recipe. i swear it is sooo good, you will love it.

jackie brooke's almost homemade ceasar dressing

1/3 of a  bottle light ceaser dressing
3/4 cup freshly shredded parmesan cheese
4-5 cloves chopped fresh garlic
homemade croutons (see below)
fresh ground pepper
1-2 tbsp dijon mustard
romaine lettuce

mix dressing with dijon mustard. add garlic and cheese. mix well. sprinkle with fresh ground pepper. pour over romaine lettuce. top with croutons.

for your viewing enjoyment!

ok, so i was close to freshly grated...cut a busy girl some slack!!!

yes, lovies, these are my 'homemade' croutons.....bake as directed and then add a few extra mins for some extra  crunchiness! cut into bite size pieces......(at least i got the lite version) !!!

i think i put them back in for a little longer....oh and dont forget to flip them halfway thru......for an extra kick, i served with fresh shrimp on the bed of lettuce. super easy peasy and delightfully delicious!!!

ok, thats all i have for you. i have to admit i am insanely crazed by making something and having it not turn out correctly. i attempted to sew a 'shirt'. an easy shirt. did it turn out? um, no. not a happy camper....however, it cost me 33 cents so i can use the material for more flowers, duh.....but i am going to have to try it again. whatever. i dont claim to be martha stewart. however, it does make me a little angry. i strive for perfection. sort of.

have a super fantabulous hump day tomorrow!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

why thursdays are almost as good as FRIDAYS!

well, um, duh! because its almost the end of the work week.....and the weekend is almost here...AGAIN. (really i am not wishing my life away......i just really love my weekends!)

i wanted to just post a few things that make me smile and wanted to know what makes you happy or makes you smile?!?
  1. little baby geese crossing the street with their ma and pa! i dont know why, but this always makes me smile. i love them until they are big and fat and poop all over our neighborhood!!!!
  2. 3:00 in the afternoon on a work day! (that is when i drag myself  jump by leaps and bounds into the office super duper early and can leave super duper early!!!)
  3. a kiss on my forehead from that crazy boy of mine. always makes me smile and feel loved.
  4. a compliment! giving and/or receiving one!
  5. when my oldest calls me her 'best friend', that's not very often, but makes me playfully gleeful!
  6. a run in the park!
  7. the sun shining! (throw in a HOT HUMID 85' day and i am BEAMING!)
  8. the bed made when i get home! (the hubs always leaves after me~so this is nice treat to come home to!!!)
  9. the smell of freshly cleaned clothes! (love that lavender downy!)
  10. completing a new project and having it turn out just RIGHT!!!! whoop! whoop! what makes YOU smile, bloggies??? 
have a super fantabulous thursday night.....when we wake up it will almost be the weekend!! i will definitely BE SMILING!!!

oh, check out this post over at blooming on bainbridge , this will definitely make you SMILE! i know i did!!!