Friday, April 15, 2011

why, hello there

why hello there, blends!

i am so happy today is friday.

i don't like wishing my life away, but i truly love my weekends.

i guess everyone does, right?!?

yesterday a friend at work gave me this to look at:

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have you ever read?!?
it actually had some really cool things to check out.

i belong to

which is a magazine subscription service that 'manages' your monthly mags.

i am addicted to magazines. i am like a magazine hoarder.
i ALWAYS, and i reiterate, ALWAYS,
get suckered into buying yet another magazine at the checkout line.


but, i find that a lot of times, i don't have time to get into a full blown book,  but a magazine
will allow me to
'surf' along at my own pace.

the cool thing about maghound is that you can switch it up.
just say you ordered a mag you didn't like....
well, next month you can get something TOTALLY different. way cool, huh?

anyway, through my friend's magazine, i found this cool website
and i started dreaming about summer.

ahhhh....only about a month longer of rain and cold and
"hopefully" we will be on our way
to 90' scorching HOTTTTT sunshiney days!

but lookie at all this fun stuff......

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

credit: pinterest

i love playing outside in my little flower bout you?

do you like getting your fingers in the dirt?

have a happy weekend, lovies!

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