Friday, April 1, 2011

fun friday!

hey all!

HaPpY FrIdAy!

hip hip hooray! the weekend is here once again....

my agenda:

friday night:

the boy that i cohabitate sort of with, is taking his two hooligans to the indians home opener.
this allows me some much needed
girl time.

i am hoping to conjure up princess # 3 into joining her mama for some lovin.
promising to buy gifts at the mall is almost always good for some
mom/daughter bonding.

maybe we'll even get crazy and go get a pedi.


nothing too wild. i know hard to believe.
i am not even going to say we are going to try to make it to
the westside market, because
we live by
our pants.
when i have set plans it never goes as thought.

i need to go to the bank and open up a new savings acct.
every year i say i am going to do this for christmas and
guess what????

i don't.
this year, my friends is THE year. yep.

sunday funday:

princess # 2 is doing her BIKES for TIKES bike ride.
yay for her.
she is biking almost 400 miles over the course of the next three days.
i am so proud.

this bike ride benefits  the

here she is prior to her adventure yesterday afternoon.

like, seriously how cute is she?
i know i am her mama and all. but honestly, her cuteness
matches her personality.

she is a sweetie pies.

 guess what?
she is riding a tandem with her friend lauren. yikes.

here they are:

silly willies. cute outfits, girls!

tif is on the right. miss lauren on the left.

i worry (from a mom's perspective) about rocks, cars and other crazy stuff
are on
that million mile bike ride....say a little prayer for them.

alrighty, i have been 'attempting' (and i say that loosely)
to get back
my insanity workouts and healthy eating habits.


ya know when you can't have something or you start to watch your intake
how you want to eat EVERYTHING?!?

sooo here's a little listy to help all of us stay on track:
  • opt for low cal fast food options. um, der. this is not rocket science peeps.
  • cook at home. i find preparing really does help. as in prepare your lunch and snacks in advance.
  • laugh out loud. lol. laughing burns 10-40 cals/10 mins
  • focus on what foods you will add to your diet....instead of thinking about what you are cutting out!
  • exercise. yep. it actually works. when i was really crazy about running, i would go at lunch and work out like a mad woman for almost an hour. i, then found that even fitting in a half hour will give you results! don't slack. put it on your calendar and DO IT!
  • shop the perimeters of the grocery store!
  • perfect your posture.....try adding in a yoga or pilates class. for every inch you slouch, you look like you weigh 5 lbs MORE. holy crikeys.
  • indulge in small splurges. this is why i {{{heart}}} weight watchers. you CAN eat absolutely anything your little heart desires! anything! and honestly the plan works.
  • keep a food diary. i know this is big for me. hold yourself accountable. seeing it on paper is a reality slap. if you're not recording, you tend to 'forget' that bite of this or that bite of that.......
  • snack during the day. i try to keep baby carrots, peppers and cut veggies in the fridge. this way you are more likely to grab these instead of those potato chips! (and actually, when i am really watching, i will not even buy 'bad' stuff. out of sight. out of mind. if it's not there, guess what???? i can't eat it!
  • eat the 'magic meal'....BREAKFAST. when i do this, i really do seem less hungry throughout the day!
so there ya go. looks like much easier on paper then actually doing it.

what helps you stay on track? anything i did not suggest?

cheers to a healthy and fun weekend!
love. you. bye.

oh and p.s.

in honor of princess # 3's bike ride:

isnt this the cutest darn bike/basket/flowers/color you've ever SEEN?

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