Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hump day happenins

hoppy hump day.

hoppy in regards to the upcoming easter holiday!
do you celebrate easter?
i thought i would share some
stumbled across.

pottery barn knock offs.

ok, not just for easter but they are awfully springy like!

credit: D and G Stories

or this lovely FREE spring printable! me love some free art work!

credit: landee see, landee do!

lurve these. so fresh and fun. AND
can't kill them! :o)

credit: running with glitter

ohhh eeeemmmm geeeee. i love love love pom poms.
i always have. my mama taught me how
to make yarn ones when i was a wee one.

but these are gorgeous. ideas are shower. baby shower. birthday.
get the point?

credit: lolly jane boutique

and last but not least a yummy lil sweet treat for you my loves,

credit: making memories

so there ya go. a few fun little projects for your spring filled days.

anyone going to attempt these adorable projects?

ok. let me know. love you. bye.



Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

I love those signs, they are so cute :) I wish I was a crafty person but am totally a novice when it comes to that stuff so I will admire from afar.

PS-Thanks for the comment on my blog, it made me cry. Seriously, I appreciate it :)

Rylan said...

I love it! Love the pastels of Easter!