Monday, April 25, 2011

and its monday, again

rain rain go AWAY! 
dear mrs. spring. i realize with a strong passion
that the 
grass, the trees, the tulips and all the other flowers need
mucho H2o to fluorish. 

we havent been dry since, um, i don't know like NOVEMBER?
it has either snowed every day or rained.


we did have a 77  degree sunny day on saturday, which was a blessing, seeing 
how i was sitting outside at a track meet all. day. long.

(not complaining in the least)
it's princess # 3's senior year. yeoww! sad. sad. sad.

i even scored a wee bit of sun on this nose. 
(i have sworn off tanning, well, fake tanning, and let me tell you:

tanning beds are 15 mins of pure warmth and bliss. 
i mean who cares if it causes undue wrinkles and skin cancer, right?!?

well, apparently, my health conscience did get the best of me, because i quit. 
the fake tanning anyway. 
not saying i won't lay out by the pool til i am roasted like vegetables.....
just sayin i quit the 'bad' kind of tanning.

k. enough malarky.


i will post the amazing pics of some cute little snuggle bunnies but 
they are on a camera none other then my own. go figure. 

patience is of the virtue, right?!? i promise they will come.

kk, onto more funnnnn STUFF!

lookie lookie what i found:

and she featured this adorable etsy artist. oh my heaven to betsy. etsy. i rhyme. lol. 
yes. i am a dork like that.

so flipping cute!

did you really think i could let a post go by, without mentioning something about my fav lil treat?!?
der. de. der.
the answer is: um, NO!


these were tomkat's favs...and i could not agree more!

head over here! 
 to see carrie's work. ahhhhmazing my dearies!

k, i am off to eat my 4 point pizza. broiled zucchini, yellow squash, garlic and red onion.

tummy hungry.
have a fantabulous day/night (depending on when u r reading this!)

love. you. bye.

i am skipping for joy! i lost 8 lbs! HOLLAR! this chick is getting skinny!


Elizabeth said...

Happy rainy Monday to you too...we've got the same blah rain. All week! Yuck.

I need some vitamin D (SUN!). So the ad in the corner of your page was for a guess that's the only sun we get :(

Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

I miss fake baking sooooo much as well! Too bad, it's so bad for you. I would feel so good after a session and loved my glow.

We had a gorgeous wknd here but it's supposed to rain for the next 3 days-boo!!

Rylan said...

I was glad it wasn't raining that much over here--however it was TOO windy! I hate the wind! Vegas is really dry. How about we switch places? Haha! You MIGHT enjoy your 100+ daily summmer weather! Haha! Anyways, congrats on the weight lost! You look fabulous!