Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday rambling!

oh, well hello there!

what up bloggies?

just wanted to share a few pics with you of the beloved princess # 2 after her
long ARSE bike for tykes ride this past weekend.

she, along with 131 other crazy kids, raised over 65,000 to benefit
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they rode in RAIN, HAIL, SLEET and freezing cold temps.
sunday morning the last leg of the journey, the temps were
topping out at a whopping 37'.

whoop! whoop!

it is the most exciting feeling to see all of these bikers come riding down a state interstate,
lead by the local sheriff's department.

it honestly makes you cry and shiver.

AND, i think i mentioned before, she was riding the entire way
on a tandem with her college roomie, whom she
 4th grade!

these kids are all heros in my eyes.
of course there is a special place in my heart for my own, but

the sweetest thing, is that  this child o mine was STILL smiling after all that riding!

she has a personality like nobody i have ever known. i like to think
(she is way sweeter tho!)

so for your viewing enjoyment,

thats princess # 2 and princess # 3.
and i think they are FREAKIN aDorABle!
um, how bout the pipe cleaners on top spell out her name?!?
and how bout she
loves sparkles and glitter as much as ME? helloooo~look at the helmet!?

that's the second member of the dynamic tandem duo!
goooo miss lauren!!

that's grandma. (my momma!)

whooooaaah. who's that sexy mom?!? haahahaha
(i hope y'all know i am TOTALLY kidding)
i need to lose some ellllll beeeeeeessss as in LBS.

and my THREE beautiful lil princess' all together!

can you spell,

 okeydokey artichokeys,
i am off to do my day job.

love you with all my stinkin self,

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