Friday, February 4, 2011

cuppies=true love=bliss and social parade!

fun friday. yay.
i {{{heart}}} fridays.....again.
i went thru a brief period where i was HATING weekends.
read about it
but i am back on track....loving life, loving my weekends, loving you all!

i found these amazing cuppie recipes and thought i would share.

the first is a white chocolate cake w/ raspberry buttercream.
ummm, can you say "HEAVEN"....
find recipe from
sunny bug

or how bout these bad boys......(or girls?!?)....whichever, they sound delightful!
 my baking addiction

it doesnt get much better then chocolate chip cookie dough....stuffed into a cuppie, now does it???

i also found a recipe for bacon / maple, yep. you read that right.
bacon and maple flavored....but i have to try and remember where....

what's your fav cupcake flavor?
do you like plain or filled?
sprinkles or sugar?

look at these beauties...

or these yummies.....


look at the adorable flower and GOLD thingys (not sure what they are called....) pareils or dragees....i think?


so, are your tastebuds watering yet?

i need a cuppie! ASAP!
love you,
p.s. i am linking up to these fun sites! come jump on the ride!
who doesnt like NEW friends?!?

New Friend Fridays

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kenziekylanmom said...

Found you on the blog hop! Hop over and visit if you can

Andie said...

Thanks for following, returning the favor. Oh how I wish I could download those cupcakes right now. Yum!
Will check for twitter/facebook links to follow too :)

The Bonjour Four said...

oh my gracious! all of those look amazing!!!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Thanks for the cupcake love! You gotta check out my little baking site I've been working more step closer to the dream :) (let me know what you think!)

When I was making it & looking for a design background - I found one that I loved...but seemed way too familiar - then I realized it was the brown/pink polka dots YOU use! I was cracking up - I swear we are cut from some of the same fabric! Have a great weekend!! xo