Friday, February 18, 2011

what i'm lovin!!!

heyyyyy ooooo!

it's friday!


i am a working from home mama.

HOLLAR times two.

bad side: i threw my back out yesterday so even tho i love being in the jams, i am in PAIN.

i had the boy put TWO lidocaine patches on me yesterday which did help.

(these were leftover from an injury he had a couple of years ago)
(i do not recommend  or endorse using your significant other's leftover pain rx)....

but we do what we have to do in times of need.
thank. you.

soooooo, i wanted to share some fun stuff i just bought from etsy.

i am linking up with

tidy mom~for i'm lovin it!!!

actually these sweet rings were part of the 3 princess' v-days gifts....

 how cute are these?

Wire Wrapped Ring - To Order - Custom Size - AB Colorado Topaz, Amethyst, Dark Purple, Purple, AB, Crystal, Faceted, Bright, Custom Ring, Handmade, Cute, Simple, Lovely, Love, Romantic

Rustic Handmade Wire Wrapped RING Size 5 - AB Dark Colorado Topaz Crystal - Gun Metal, Brass, Otter Brown, Bronce, Fall, Dark

Wire Wrapped Wedding Ring Size 7. 5 - Swarovski Curved Pearl, Cream, White, Ivory, Beige, Bright, Bride, Bridal, Simple, Cute, Classic, Romantic, Lovely

we they just loved them!!!

run over to

she has the cutest stuff!

i love to shop from these eclectic little handmade boutiques.
i think it makes your purchase so much more meaningful.

this includes restaurants as well. i would much rather
dine at an independent owned place,
rather then a chain!

what are your feelings?
chain or independently owned?

in addition i want to know your fun weekend plansies!

i am thinking we are going to head over here,

this is the funnest (i know...its not a word)....
place to frequent on the weekend.
you can find any and everything here!

i am thinking we may do a wine tasting as well. it's 10 bucks.
you taste 6 wines with yummo cheese and crackers!

ok, maybe cheese and cracks are not the most yummo thing, but it's food!
 and VINO for 10 dollars! yeowwwwza!

The Olde Wine Cellar

tasting is based on  aussie wines....

i like cheap fun things to  do!!

wine tastings

ok, blends, i am outy to get some underwriting done.

that's what i do best.
that's what my boss says anyway!

love you, miss you,

p.s. dont' forget to stop over at tidy mom to see what others are LOVIN!

Tidy Mom I'm Lovin It Fridays

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Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

Sounds like your Friday was off to a good start!! I am jealous you get to work from home and hope you feel better!

I want to go to that market and vineyard---thats super cheap for tastings--woo hoo! It's been 70 degrees here (wut wut) so tomorrow I am going day drinking. Cannot wait!!!

Happy wknd :)