Wednesday, February 23, 2011

weds. ramblings!

hey all!

gosh~where does the time go?
i posted last on saturday. yikes. bad blogger.

i dont know. it seems that i never have enough time in my days to get everything done.
i guess i need to start going back to setting goals and making lists!
do you make lists? do you set goals? do you meet them?
just curious!
i do WAY, way, better when i set goals and make lists. i like scratching things off my lists!
speaking of goals.....
sooooo that boy and i started insanity!!! YIKES


have you ever tried this?!?
so that boy of mine, was in the military, has run a marathon, works out ALL the time
and when he did it the first time,
he said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done.


(he started it in november and did the two month program)

and he now has an amazing SIX pack.
(i should add that he has always had a nice bod, but you can definitely see the improvement~
and i should also add that he did NOT follow any special diet either)

now you are probably wondering why the h-e-double hockeysticks i would even
want to attempt such craziness, right?

ummm, yeah me too.
i need to drop a in pounds, not push-ups. :o)
i started on monday. yesterday the disc appeared to have a scratch so i really only got thru 22 mins of it.
it was skipping like a jump rope.
i cant say i was unhappy that i had to stop.

i am dreading it.
dreading it tonight.

i am sore. my legs ache. my back hurts.
yes, i am a baby.

remember: we do not judge!

anywhosies, the program is for two months. you can sign up for a free membership over

which will provide you with support, tips, message boards, ETC. all that jazzola.

i cant wait for my date with this tonight!

c'mon y'all! (thats what shaun T says!)....

i will keep y'all posted on my trials and tribs. i really wanted to vomit about 1/2 way thru.

oh well, the things we do to stay FIT!

k, thats all, love you, bye.


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Anonymous said...

Oi vey, I can't wait to hear more about your adventures with this--I've always been curious about Insanity!!

PS--I never knew you were on Twitter--hooray! I'm following you now, mine is @TiffanyNico