Saturday, December 18, 2010

festive saturday!

its the weekend before
i would love to hear from all of you and
learn what's on the agenda
this weekend!

i have had a busy, emotional, sad week.
i made the decision to
move out.
here i am.....
(well, i moved last weekend, yes, two weeks before xmas)
feel that
the things in my relationship with my significant other
were not
in the right
direction. (yes, even tho i referred to him as the 'hubs') we
were not 'legally' married.
its just a piece o paper right? well sort of.

i think you come to a point in your life when you feel
if you are not
then you need to decide
what to do.

i am VERY sad. i miss him. i miss our togetherness, our talks, our silliness.
(you are probably like, why the F did you leave then?)
i think that there are a lot of factors that
played in my decision. without getting
too deep and depressing all of you for god's sake,
i felt like our relationship was not where it should have been
and i felt many times that my feelings were not taken into
consideration, big or small.

but here nor there, i hate being sad. especially this time of year.

sooooo i want all of you to cheer me up!

tell me all your fun holiday plans so i can live vicariously through you!

today i attended my FIRST ZUMBA classs!

wooooo! hoooooo!

ooooohhhh myyyyyyy gooodnessssss!

what an amazing workout! and fun none the less!!

i went with princess # 2 and # 3. then princess # 3 decided to 'teach' us some floor
moves. omg. my thighs, butt and hips better look
amazing SOON! i was dying!

tonight, i am headed out to go christmas shopping and have a fun girls night with a friend!

please keep me in your prayers and hearts. this year has been a rough way
to go.
i am excited that 2011 will be new and offer many exciting opportunities!

happy holidays,

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Elizabeth said...

Hi stranger! I was so happy to get my RSS feed last week with YOUR post! Please know you have been in my prayers for awhile and I had thought about emailing you over Thanksgiving, but life took over here and I've been swamped! My Christmas plans: well, first this year I decided to MAKE all of my gifts I exhange with friends and family SO I'm up to my eyeballs in glitter, glue, and sewing. AND I need to bake still. Luckily family & friends will be pretty low-key which is so nice b/c then there's not a lot of stress to run all over town! I'll be in touch soon {email} so I don't leave a mini novel here!! xo Liz