Monday, January 3, 2011

monday happiness!

hello there bloggie friends!

normally i am dreading monday morning with a big frown.

i hated getting back to the work week.

however, since my 'new' life has unveiled itself, i have a whole new outlook.

on life. work. friends. fun.

i look forward to going into the office. it's a sense of familiarity that i have come to know.

i see my therapists, friends.

who i might mention have been the most supportive. i mean
it is not fun listening to a sad girl every FLIPPING day.

i am so grateful to have a lucrative profession. well grateful to have a job. period.

so. what i am saying is that thru ups and downs of life, i think
valley in life,
we can

i am trying to be a positive girl. i am currently starting each day with a prayer, thanking
god for giving me all that i am blessed with.

i also start out each day reading a page of the book, UNTIL TODAY. it is amazing.

i dont care who you are, what you do, or where you are in your life. everyone
can benefit, or pull something out of this book.
i bought my copy on
amazon for one

penny! (+3.99) shipping and handling. it was a good investment. thank you.

one of my favorite blogging friends,

gave me some encouraging ideas on how to stay busy!!

SOOOOO, that's what i am going to do for the next few months.

let my creative juices flow. finally get our lil etsy shop up and running! bam!

make some cute lil things for the girls and i to use~

like this:

or how bout this idea from this amazing blogger:

fun.relatively easy!!

win win chicken din!!

oh and i think i will have a giveaway shortly with some fun stuff i have already whipped up!

stay posted for all that !

alright, thats all i have for ya....(i's not much!)

if anyone attempts make it and love its scarf...please let me know! it's so freaking cute!

i {{{heart }} ALL scarves!

have a wonderful day/night/evening!


Elizabeth said...

Busy is good. Thanks for the mention. I've got a couple of aprons in my favorite file - I think I need to whip some up too.

Alex said...

I wish you the absolute best. I am currently reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen is wonderful!!! you should read it!