Monday, January 31, 2011

fun monday!

happy monday lovies!
do anything fun over the weekend?, NO!
i typically love living by the seat of my pants......i'm crazy like that.....
but the boy in my life worked all weekend. boo.
princess # 3 and i headed to the fabric store and
spent WAY too much.
we did get some fun stuff tho.

i started some new projects for the upcoming etsy store. yeesh.
is that ever going to happen?
i am a little behind in my blog challenge. i am going to catch up on like 3 days.
(my work computer stopped allowing me to post pics so that screwed up my postings)

i guess i cant complain. i mean i am at work, right?

so my day 4 blog challenge...religion views.
i am going to keep this one super short, sweet and simple.

i am christian.

i believe in god.

i pray every day. sometimes more than once. i do believe in the power of prayer.
i think god has a plan for all of us, even tho we tend to fight it sometimes.....

i went to church twice in the last two years. (yes, sad....sorry god)
1. christmas eve. 2. sister's funeral.

i was raised lutheran, which is a break off of catholicism.
we went to church almost every sunday as a child and i HATED it.

and lastly, i would like to seriously start attending church again. however, i am going
to look for a non-denominational church. i want to enjoy my time there. i want
it to be uplifting and an experience. i dont want to dread listening to the hour long sermon and
get nothing out of church. why bother going then, right???

ok. end of my religion story.
love you.

ok, on to more fun stuff......

i stopped at the thrift store last night. i scored 34.00 worth of  'new' pumped.
this includes but not limited to the following:

3 books. (2 of which are self help~i am addicted to self help books....just sayin)
one long sleeved shirt.
one grey dress.
one brown shirt dress.
one floral dress to be worn with long sleeved shirt indicated above.
one brown jumper dress.
one dark denim shirt dress.
one black pin stripe work skirt w/skinny belt.


do you 'thrift'? i love it. however, i am somewhat of a thrift store 'snob'.
there are only certain things i will purchase.
i only buy 'name brands'.....usually. occas. i will see something that catches my eye that i have to have
that is not a 'known' brand....and i will scoop it up.

i love finding books that are in GREAT shape and CHEAP.
these can include self help, (as indicated above), chic novels and cook books. addicted to those as well.

and i love going to the store close to work, because not only do they have TONS of
quality, upscale finds, BUT they have 1/2 off wednesdays where the entire store is, well,  um,
1/2 off!
update: that was on thursday that i got the original dealios at the thrifty.
yesterday, scored another 28.00 buckaroosies worth of fun-ness.

green ruffly blouse shirt.
grey t-shirt
grey work out yoga pants.
brown skirt.
the CUTEST ever forever 21 lil denim jacket....omg. (fav steal so far)
one ruffly little anthropologie look-a-like skirt
yay for me.

i have a problem.
i LOVE to shop.

ok, really quickly ( i hope you are still reading.....)
day 5 and 6 of my bloggie challenge:

a time you thought about ending your own life?
er....does that say what i think it says?

um, NEVER.
life is too awesome to stop it by your own choice....
i love life.
i love living.
i love my family too much to hurt them like that.
how could you do that?

day 6:
30 interesting facts about LIL OL ME!

geeze louise.
i love to ramble.
i love to chat. however, i just can not make you read this. after all this is 3 days worth of blog posts rolled

so please refer to my 'about me' page. there, lovies, you will find enough facts about me
to fill your lovely self with!
love you,


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Anonymous said...

Did you really just use fun and Monday together?? Really??!! I kidd, kinda. It's so blah and miserable out, it's such a typical Monday but at least I'm off today to enjoy it (i.e. sit on my butt cuddling with Lincoln)

Holy fabulous deals at the thrift store---you stocked up big time! I love thrift stores so much! One of my goals for the year is not to buy any new clothes until March and so far I'm doing great thanks to the thrift stores :)