Thursday, March 18, 2010

what a week~so glad its almost over.....

hi fellow blends (bloggers=friends) ~(thanks to caitlin from   the twenty fifth year ) she taught me this fun new word.....but anyway, hello hello! happy friday eve!

we have had a completely exhausting week here. i did not realize how much of an impact that this police shooting has had on myself and the hubs. police officers share a special connection. they are all 'brothers' and one of their own is called to rest, they all come together as one big family. i finally got to see that boy last night. he literally has been working around the clock, functioning on like 2 hours of sleep. when he got home early tuesday morning, (the night the shooting occurred), his eyes were swollen and red from crying. it breaks my heart to see my strong, big, normally courageous man, so upset. its pure HELL to see a grown man cry. he has not wanted to share a lot of the details with me and has been quiet, but like i said, last night was our first night home together. i am having severe anxiety about being home alone. i have been sleeping with the lights on. hello big baby. i cant help it.

i listened to the 911 call and it about broke me into pieces. i have shed more tears this past week, then i have in a long time. i can not imagine what this poor man's wife and 3 daughters are feeling right now.......the wake was today and tomorrow and the funeral will be on saturday. its going to be some long days today and tomorrow. the news keeps replaying the scene and showing his picture and its pure pain to keep rehashing it over and over and over.

anyway, i hope that everyone gave their lovies extra hugs and kisses this week. i know i have. dont sweat the small things in life...its just not worth it....its really not.....

i am going to take a 1/2 day tomorrow and go to the wake. i havent been very productive at work anyway.....

i hope all of YOU have had an amazing week, full of sunshine and love......pop over to this site for some happiness. i heart this blog! teresa from blooming on bainbridge~adorable!

hopefully after saturday i can start back into this blog thing with some yummy recipes and fun creations!
love you guys~thanks or taking the time to read. it means so much!

hugs and love