Thursday, March 11, 2010

~sinfully delish 'french' chocolate pastries~

whoop! whoop! its almost friday,  blog land!!! yay! i have to say that i am almost as excited on thursday evening, as i am on friday at 4:00pm!! its like the night before, ok.....not THAT good, but seriously,  i LIVE for my weekends~love them to pieces. i love the weekends more than shoes, shopping, sunny beaches and stilletos. ha! KIDDING! i like them a lot but not more than any of that FUN stuff!

sooooo i am 'making an effort'.....'trying'........really really really hard to blog at least twice a week....and then try to go from there. i love talking typing......and i really have so many fun things to share~plus i love reading all of your amazing this is my goal! bare with me.....i am getting there! i keep finding new blogs to follow which as i said in my last post, there are so many talented people out there......its amazing what people are capable of creating. i feel blessed to have a teeny bit of creativity, but some of you just ROCK!!

i want to share the most fattening best chocolate pastry. EVER. seriously, if you are having company over, or just want a treat after dinner......this is the key. pure lust in your mouth. not exaggerating. you can whip these lovlies up in 12 minutes.....and thats really start to here ya go:

sinfully delish french chocolate pastries

2 packages crescent rolls
1/2 package semi sweet chocolate chips
powder sugar for dusting

preheat oven to 350'.  unroll crescent rolls into 4 rectangles, pressing seams together. (you want 8 of these total).....pour one tablespoon chocolate chips onto one side of each rectangle. fold other 1/2 of dough on top of chocolate chips. take a fork and press sides together with the tines of the fork. bake at 350' for approximately 12 minutes. the key is not to overbake. you want them only slightly golden in color~dust with powder sugar and serve immediately.

here is the pic. however, these were already packaged up for the hub hub's lunchie~so no fancy cake plates or show of display.....(imagine them on a beautiful antique cake plate.....thank you.)

close your eyes while you savor the flavor and imagine you are sitting at a bistro in paris!!! oui oui!
these areand  i am not kidding,  my daughter's favorite dessert. enjoy, my friends!!

p.s. you can also use reduced fat crescent rolls.....they taste every bit as heavenly!! mmmmmm.


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