Thursday, March 11, 2010

100th post GIVEAWAY!

yes, two posts in ONE day. there is a FIRST for everything. i have a hard time keeping up with all of the blogs i follow.....however there is the most adorable blog, i want to mention. teresa from blooming on bainbridge island is hosting a giveaway for her 100th posting!!!!

teresa and lisa of lisa leonard designs, are hosting a giveaway. check out the button to the left of this post~

check out lisa's designs here!!!

this girl has some amazing talent. insert jealousy here. kidding. but seriously she has an adorable website with tons of fun jewelry that she can customize to fit your needs. her blog is super cute also!!


sooo my blends, stop in to say 'hello to teresa and then head over to lisa's! you will not be disappointed!
hugs and love,

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Sara Tea said...

your blog is fantastically cute. thanks so much for the comment! so so glad to be led here! can't wait to read more!