Monday, September 19, 2011

happy dance monday!

hi all! 
happy monday! !
what's on the agenda in your world today?
do you ever wish you could not work?
i do.
or at least do something that is fun...all the time!
i am still working on that.
do you ever have so many ideas, projects, lists
impossible to get it all
i do.

boo. whoooo.
(insert fake crying...or maybe real tears).......
i have to get back into list making and time organization skills. i feel that my days run
together with no time for anything.
with me going back to school, it's a constant struggle to accomplish it all.

what do you use to stay organize?
i just bought a new planner.
i love new pens, notebooks, paper, etc.
i can not ever NOT walk down "those" aisles when i visit target, walmart or anything inbetween.
not even kidding.

so please share ways that keep you organized. i would love to hear....

i found this on pinterest!!

the ultimate to do list!!

i love it.
it's clear. concise. my kind of listee!

and here are some free printables from
bhg aka. better homes and gardens!

have a great day/night dolls,


Karen said...

I love that ~ thanks for sharing. I am so organized in my head, but fail miserably in execution. I just printed one of my lists, so I will share. I mainly shop at Costco, Target, and Trader Joe's ~ and have a few items that I can only get at Walmart. I have a shopping list that I keep ongoing with each of these stores listed with lines under each store so I can write down items needed at each location. I also have a "other" column in case I need to go to the pet store or another store that week.

Elizabeth said...

You have no idea how happy I am to see you back online! I've been having a mini planner I go digital? I mean that would require some serious devotion and I would most likely go through some paper and cute pen withdraws. OR I could try to find the perfect planner - which never, ever seems to happen. UGH. I contemplated making my own - check out ahhh designs (or something like that). Oh, are you on google? What's your handle (is that what it's called? lol)