Friday, September 23, 2011

fashion friday!

whats your latest obsession with the new fall clothes?

i have to say i am still obsessed with boots.
i replenished all my boots last year
and i am so happy to say,
(although, i have determined that this little monster, has a severe foot fetish!)
not even kidding.
he is a hoarder.
he steals my boots.
all of them.

but here nor there what's your favorite style?

here a few of mine:

Boots! Boots! Boots!
a good pair of riding boots.....for what you ask???
well, when i gallop off into the sunset on my
boots boots boots

who doesnt need a pair of christian  loboutin's?
well, i NEED them....
i just can not afford them....

boots. boots. boots. me some wedges!
they are the most comfy....mine are black tho...
maybe i should look into this lovely color?

boots boots booooots!
i just bought these in black....BUT....i bought a purse in this color....hhhmmm...

so tell me....are you as obsessed with BOOTS as I?
i also just picked these up:

Sperry Rain boots
for when i take the fuzzy nugget out for potty breaks....
mine are black with lots of pretty polka dots!

what's your clothing/shoe/fashion obsessesion?
what's the one thing you just keep buying more of?

have a fabulous friday, lovies,
all the best,

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