Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fun stuff!

happy tuesday friends!
we are one day closer to friday.
love that.
how is everyone's week starting?
yesterday started out not so great. my cable went out and i could not get it to work......
thus no news in the morning before work!
the news helps me plan
my outfits, my day, etc.

then i forget, something trivial happened and i was like, whooaah. is this really how the
day is going to go??? i quickly changed my WHOLE brain set
and redirected my thoughts into positive ones.
guess what?
it works!
the rest of my day was wonderful.

i ended it with dinner at princess # 2's golf club!
and then i watched the new show,
heart of dixie!
did any of you get a chance to see?
i LOVED it.
i have a special place in my heart for the south though, so that could have been
some of the reason...
just sayin.
rachel bilson is ADORABLE.

anyway, i wanted to share something that i received in my in box this morning.
i subscribe to joy's hope! 
if you are not familiar with her blog, run right over there. it is filled with
a LOT of goodies. but more importantly read her 'about me'.
this girl is just too cute and her story melted my heart.
well, once again, this sweetheart is promoting a
site that was made specifically to help a girl who
needs a heart AND double lung transplant.

it breaks my heart to hear of these situations, because so many times i
think we take life for granted.
please head over

you will find a wide variety of tutorials, printables and ad space available to help support this girl,
whose name is sharlie, btw.

many times we spend money on little things, so take a few mins and see
if there is something you could possibly use! there are adorable prints
for like 5.00 bucks. that's the price of one
starbucks latte.........
AND you are helping a girl in need!

blessings to each and everyone of you!
remember life is short and never take one moment for granted!

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