Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hi friends!
i dont have a great topic to discuss~
(do i ever, really?!)
does anyone have any
new years resolutions?
i never like to make resolutions.
i feel like, after about a week.....(or two days....)
they fall by the wayside.
i just
i want to fill my life with people, items, things, ANYTHING,
can bring me

joy: [noun]; the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.

what brings you joy?
i found this over at

and it made me


big smiles and heartwarming things are hard to come by these days. i'm not going to lie.

however, i am convinced that with some hard work, help of my loving family and friends,
i will truly find
and so much more!

what are your new years resolutions? what do you do when you are sad?!?

happy tuesday bloggies! you all make me smile........BIG!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year {well almost} to you! I hope you find your JOY! Resolutions for me include health - I really need to get back to WW and the gym. I'd love to finally get Etsy off the ground. I'd also like to formalize my little baking business and get more jobs. I'd also like to start saving for a small summer cottage in Lexington, MI (think lakeside of MI on the "thumb"). What do I do when I'm sad - I cry & eat. To get out of my sad slumps, I clean - like OCD clean - and I find projects to dive into. Mostly, I just try to stay busy. Hang in there - 2011 is a new start. {{hugs}}