Sunday, September 5, 2010

i won! and smiley sunday~

heyyyyyy bloggies!

lol. that reminds me of the old kool-aid commercial...(um, yes i am showing my age...most of
you were probably not even born when that came out....)

happy sunday. it's STILL the weekend! yay!
i am having a rough time getting going this a.m. hhhmm..
no late night. no awful hangover.
maybe my copious amounts of non sleep are finally
catching up!
oh well, i relished in the glory of snuggling next to that boy for a few extra minutes.
that's the nice thing about fall, the air is crisp...
the bed is warm!

some days it's just nice to be LAZY. i think that's today. i did start the laundry. blah.
i will try to get a few things done. we have a party but not til way later.
and honestly, i have become such a homebody, that i really like to just hang out HERE!

anywhoosie doosies, the post title...are ya curious???
are ya ready?
squeals of delight!

i filled out an online survey which said that they would be randomly choosing someone
for a prize of above mentioned.
well. lucky ducky me.

AND the best part???
it took literally 4.10 seconds.

i emailed the girl from carrabbas headquarters back just to reiterate and ensure we were
under NO obligation.
andddd.....NONE. we will be responsible for our alcohol. everything else: compliments

honestly, if you have never had dinner here, you should consider....(oh, and
i am not getting anything extra to put this in my!)
we took the boys here a couple of weeks ago and i literally
filled out the survery regarding our experience.

i LOVE this place. we are not fans of chain or franchise restaurants. dont get me wrong...
we will eat at different places, but we really prefer the eclectic, or mom and pop
type of independently owned. i think
it's good to support your local businesses.

so, anyway, i get off track...look at the menu and if you have one near...RUN, dont walk
and try the speidino di mare, or the chicken bryan.
pure bliss to your palate.
here's a little back ground:

check this page out for some:

 and if you really want to learn more about this wonderful chain:

now the BIG question:
who gets to go???!!!??
well, seeing how we have like 100 kids, we are almost there....i guess we'll
invite the grandmas!!!

ok, on to smiley sunday.

i dont have a picture, but i am drinking my new pumpkin spice coffee from
yesterday. still smiling. soooo delish. (i did not make the whipped cream topping, we
are out of heavy whipping cream. boo.)

this made me smile:

have you ever shopped here? or hosted a home party. way cool and fun!

they are a little pricey, but with fall coming, it's a great time to get some girls
will get FREE stuff! who doesnt like FREE?

blue skies. the sun shining. i am so blessed to be alive and healthy!

the start of THIS!
(imagine, smelling fireplaces, fall air, and candy corn!)

what's on your list of things this smiley sunday?

what are you doing today for fun times?

enjoy your day with lots of  sunshine and love!


p.s. look for giveaway info this week! whoop whoop!!


Lindsay said...

Congrats girl! HOW EXCITING!

Angie said...

Hi Terri. OMG, I feel awful. You visited me from NFF I am just getting to my visitors. It was great meeting you! Thank you for leaving sweet comments on my two blogs. You are a sweetheart!. I am now following you! Congrats on winning. Angie