Monday, August 23, 2010

zucchini houdini!

happy monday!
i, we are on vacation! AGAIN!
with the stress of the last two weeks, i feel like this is much needed.
the problem being, that because of the stress we have endured lately,
we have nothing planned,
and i wasn't excited like i usually
get when it's VACAY time.
i normally am doing the happy dance everyday, the week before....but not so much this time....
we have had company stay with us for a few
nights, so that has kept us busy.
school starts tomorrow for the kiddies, and i am
the little peanut (well, MY little peanut) is a senior this year.
tomorrow is her first day of the last year of high school.
i want to cry.
just wait.....
for all of you who have little ones, or have no babies yet.....
so stinkin

so today, i made some peace with myself...(well, baking seems to soothe my soul) so i
zucchini bread AND zucchini casserole.
i had a zucchini we got a couple of weeks ago, calling out to be turned into some
type of deliciousness.

zucchini casserole

2 cups shredded zucchini
4 slices bread
1 large red onion
4 cloves garlic peeled and sliced / chopped
1 egg. beaten
1/2 cup heavy cream. yes. heavy cream. ( i made no mention this was a healthy recipe, did i???)
2 cups shredded cheddar
1/4 melted butter

preheat oven to 350'. cut bread into cubes and pour into large mixing bowl. add melted butter. combine rest of the ingredients, with the exception of the cheese.  pour into prepared 2 quart casserole. sprinkle with cheese..... bake for approximately 30 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted. i let mine get somewhat bubbly on top and brownish.

this is the easiest side dish and actually for being full of a veggie, tastes delish. the smell of the onions and garlic while baking is heaven. no lies, peeps!

this is the picture of the recipe i received on
compliments of DC1. i was lazy and didnt feel like grabbing the camera....sorry. :o(

ok, onto some really fun news.....
a prize!
compliments of
i won a $25.00 credit to their store.
have the most absolutely,  darling fabric for all you
crafters out in blog world.
i cant decide what to pick
but it's sure to
how bout this to make a purse:

and this to line it with:

they have a TON...and so hard to choose.
pop on over and let them know where/how you found them! sign up also for their newsletters!

question of the day:
i see where there are blogger events all over......i would love to meet some of the local bloggers
in my area.....
how do you
local bloggers?

happy monday everyone.


Anonymous said...

Yum, that casserole looks delish and sure yours turned out great!!!

I found Charlotte bloggers on accident, I commented on one whose blog I visited but didn't know she was here and then she put out a post if Charlotte area bloggers want to have a meet up and went from there.

Have fun on your vaca :)

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out the site Healthy Living Blogs? It's a network where you can find bloggers by state and lcoation - you're sure to find some new BLENDS!

Thank you so much for your supportive comment. You are simply the BEST!! xoxo

Alex said...

I love those colors, that is going to be a cute purse! You have to post pictures!

I know of no local bloggers. I probably wouldn't do a meet up. I am extremely shy when meeting new people in real life. I get REALLY uncomfortable easily. Seeing old friends that I haven't seen in like a year gives me anxiety...haha! I am working on it!