Wednesday, August 25, 2010

happy hump day and a glass painting hey day!

normally i would be thrilled the week is 1/2 over...not the case when you are on
we have done nothing...but EAT and DRINK.
and be merry.....NOT.
it's hard to be merry when stress takes over your life.....
how do you deal with stress?
i either, a. eat. b. starve. c. try to 'create'
this week i did answer 'C'.
and so i will share with you my
attempt to create a cute lil pressie for my
oldest princess who celebrated her bday on monday.
just a little somethin, somethin to go with her bigger gifts.
i think she appreciated.

you will need some of these:

a wine glass or actually anything you would like to decorate!

oh, make sure you buy ENAMEL paint. very important.

paint brushes.

rubbing alcohol.

small, tiny, crystals for adornaments (i think the spelling is wrong! hey! i am a nurse, not an english major!)

E6000 glue.

toothpicks to attach those sparkly thingys.



  1. wash and dry your glassware. you can use any type of glassware your little heart desires.
  2. wipe down item you will be painting with rubbing alcohol.
  3. paint. here is where the patience applies. you will need to let each coat dry before adding another. i dont have a lot of patience. when painting glass, you will find it doesnt adhere, like one would think, and you may see your brush marks. by adding layers, you will build up that thickness.
  4. when you are completely done with your 'creation' and it has dried for 24 hours, place your pretty painted object into a COLD oven. turn oven on to 325 and allow to bake for 1/2 hour. turn oven off. allow to cool before removing. danger. glass gets hot. dont burn your pretty little fingers!
  5. add your crystal thingys.
  6. make sure your recipient knows that you need to HAND WASH. you might want to put a little tag tied to this just so they know!!!
  7. admire your work. these make the coolest gifts and are way cheap. i buy my glasses from dollar tree. they cost a dollar. lol. (in case you didnt realize that ALL items at the dollar tree are one dollar!!!)
here is my creation in the works.

fyi. the finished product says, "birthday girl"...i painted a couple candles also.

i started with a base coat of white and then added some polka dots in white to the letters.

of course, i forgot to take a pic of the finished product.

the cool thing about this, is literally ANYONE can make these, AND they are super cheap.

if you are not can make them with match a hostess' kitchen...

the ideas are endless.

and that is how i helped alleviate some of the stress in my life right now....

please let me know what you DO!

have a happy hump day.


Organic Warrior said...

These are awesome-what a fun idea!

Smitten Sugar said...

So sweet! I bet she loved it

Anonymous said...

This are HUGE at Macy's! I forget who the company is but they make them for ALL occasions and holidays! You could definitely bring your creativity into play come Christmas and save a TON!

I bet she loved it :)