Saturday, February 6, 2010

dessert or diet DEBUT!!!!

hellloooooo bloggy peeps!!! oh who am i kidding....the only one who is actually going to READ this and be somewhat none other then MYSELF! but .....if by some small chance one person stops to READ....thank YOU! from the bottom of my beating heart! can i get a whoop! whoop!

soooooo i have been wanting to blog for a while now.....but fear.....the unknown, being computer illiterate......(the reasons are many)....i just havent. i have been quite amused in reading about other's lives, learning new recipes.....purely fascinated by this thing called 'the bloggin' world' intriques me, and sadly (yes, i guess i dont have a life).....keeps me entertained at my computer for minutes.....hours. :o)  after being online at work for 8-10 hrs a would think i would come home and want to stay as far away from the computer as possible.....but friends...i have come to acknowledge this WAY COOL form of entertainment!

i want to give a shout out to caitlin over at the 25th year! her inspiring post yesterday was AMAZING. this girls got talent.....but anywho....she was too sweet with a reply to my comment and said she hoped we could become great BLENDS!  blogger friend = BLEND! too miss have officially been my first inspiration to officially start this blogging process! xoxo

ok....on to next random topic....since the name of my post is dessert or diet....i constantly struggle with baking and a. eating it.....or baking and b. letting it sit on the counter and taunt me.....i have amazing will power, but c'mon...i am a GIRL who loves her i would love to share the most amazing sugar cookie recipe EVER. i am a sugar cookie FREAK. ok, i am a freak period.....but i have SEARCHED high and low and have tried to recreate a sugar cookie from the famous cheryl and co. i originally tried these sweet delectable indulgences about 6 yrs ago and it was heaven in my mouth.....between the buttercream frosting and the soft cookie dough....LUST. (remember i said i was a freak!) from that day on, i have made a ton of SC's trying to find the perfect here my BLENDS...(thanks, C!) the best RECIPE ever....

T's Sugar Cookies

3 cups powder sugar
2 cups Butter (softened)
2 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
5 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda (omit if you do not want your cookies to spread!)
2 tsps cream of tartar

Preheat oven to 350'. In large bowl blend powder sugar, butter, vanilla and eggs. Stir in dry ingredients. You can cover and refridgerate for about an hour to firm up. (i have no patience, so i typically roll out ASAP!) you may need more flour on hands, counter, if you choose to be an impatient beotch as myself!....i cut them pretty thick. place on cookie sheet and bake for 7-9 mins. allow to cool before decorating.

refer to this ADORABLE site on icing tutorials: Our Best Bites!

so there ya have it....a delectable recipe that i am quite sure, you will LOVE if you are a sugar cookie addict as myself!!! in addition to the recipe, MY FIRST BLOG POST!!! brown chicken brown cow....(sung to the tune of a naughty porn song!!)

peace out, bloggies! xoxo


Teresa said...

It's a new beginning!
You have a BLOG! Welcome!
Never knew how much fun it would be when I created Blooming on Bainbridge 5 months ago!
Delighted to meet you and be your very virst comment and follower!
Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge!
Have you seen Julie and Julia when she discovers her FIRST COMMENT!!!!
So cute!
If you haven't seen that must!

Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome to the blogosphere :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Terri!!! I am absolutely OVERJOYED that you have begun your blog - congratulations and get ready for an AWESOME ride!! I am absolutely touched and flattered that I inspired you. You inspire ME to get my little crazy head in the kitchen. I lurve sugar cookies! Can't wait to read more blend! xoxo

terrid614 said...

thank you girls for your SUPER SWEET comments!! i can tell already i am going to LOVE this blogging thing!!! its so addicting! xoxoxoxoxoxo

bruinlab said...

I will have to try your cookie recipe. I used to work in Seattle and there was a deli there that made the BEST, Yummiest sugar cookie. It was moist, NOT crunchy. (really thick (about 1/3 to 1/2) inche with yummy not chemically tasting icing on top). I have been looking for a recipe ever since. I'm thinking of sugar cookie American flags?
Mmmmmmm...I'll let you know.