Saturday, February 13, 2010

another snowy day in cleve town.....*sigh*

hello sweet blog land.....d/t the craziness of what i am calling  my real full time 'job' these days.....i have been MIA for a few days.....ahhhh.....gosh, how i do miss reading all of the excitement on those blogs i follow....and those that i continue to stumble upon daily......i think teresa over on bainbridge island made the blog post a while back, how bloggers continue to 'meet' new click here, another click here, and before you know it......minutes, i mean hours later you have found a whole new list of blogs to follow.......i didnt know how completely addicting this so called 'blogging' thing could actually be.......wait, i guess i did.....i am finally accepting it! lol...(isnt that the first step towards recovery....admitting you have a problem??!LOL)....mine is the love of finding so many new friends and loving every minute, whoops, there i go again....loving every stinkin HOUR....(or more~), of it!!!

anyway, the mister is out with the boys today at the MONSTER truck rally.....(ok, i am going to stop right here, before i put my foot in my mouth......anything that requires a ladder to climb up in, and anything that requires you to put ear plugs in your ears prior to watching, is JUST dumb to me.....dumb. in case those few people out there who may have 'stumbled' across my blog, havent realized it just yet, but i am the most girly kind of girl. anything that does not have pink or ruffles on it, is just not fun stuff to me.....a.k.a. MONSTER truck rally....but hey, everyone is different...right? to each there own! that is what, my friends, makes the world go round....we are all different creatures.....

but anyway, since the boy is out with a bunch of hooligans, i am having a completely FREE day to myself! i am BLOGGING!

i am going to paint the piggies,

eat something yummy,

maybe get some cardmaking in,

and THEN head out for girls night out!! can i get a whoop whoop! now, i am not a big time fan of going out during the cold days,  nights of winter......i love my house and i love being home

.....but i am going to venture out tonight for some girls night out FUN~~

i wanted to end the post with a really quick pretty healthy muffin recipe to whip up. if you follow weightwatchers, they are only 2 points and sometimes a girl just needs a little sweet treat to fill that 'void' my WW meeting today, the leader talked about taking time for yourself.....and that my friends is exactly what i am doing today....its all about ME.... :o)

easy peasy 2 point muffins

one box cake mix (i LOVE chocolate the best!)
one cup fat free vanilla yogurt
one cup water

preheat oven to 350'. empty cake mix into mixing bowl. stir in yogurt and water. mix until lumps are gone! (if making chocolate i have now added 1/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips) since its only 1/4 cup for the whole recipe it does not increase points)....fill either 18 regular size muffin cups, or 10-12 large( this makes them 4 pts).....bake for approximate 16-20 mins depending on size.....

this is a quick fix and makes a lovely low calorie dessert or muffin in the morning with a cup-o-tea! enjoy~

heres a pic of carrot ones....sorry the pic is not the greatest~i sprinkled sugar on top.....

alrighty all you blends, (blogger+friends) enjoy the rest of your funfilled weekend~

until we meet again~hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO over this snow too! Ugh and it just keeps on coming. Seriously.

Hope you had a fun girls night - those are the best! I, too, love my house but you gotta get out and shake things up a little. I just booked a girls NYC weekend in May and I am HYPE!

Paige said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll! It does look like we have a lot in common. Those muffins look delicious, and I love that the recipe calls for so few ingredients...Looks like a good after dinner snack!