Wednesday, August 1, 2012

vacay fun!

so i said i would share some vacay pics.
a few at a time.
lets not get too crazy folks.
so sweet lil theresa over at blooming on bainbridge said that they paint rocks every summer.
and then modge podge them!
hollar. bring on the paint the podge and lets get groovin.
yes. i said groovin cuz i am cool like that.

i already had some fun colors, like, PINK, of course....
but lime green, tiffany blue, purple, white, black and orange.
we filled up our little wine glasses and let the painting begin.

yes, i am corrupting my 19 year old daughter. (she only had a few sips~let it be known, i do NOT in
any way, shape or form, promote underage drinking).....just sayin.

so here my friends are the lovelies we created.
 can i just say that i have been a modge podge'n princess for well over 30 years? i used to modge podge EVERYTHING back in the day. bet all you sweet lil young nuggets
did not even know it existed that long ago?!

yes, i am showing my age....but lets keep it real. i do have 3 big girl kids. and yep. i am still
just a very young girl at heart. :)

ok, so here ya go, my lovies. let me know what you think.
are you all dying to go get some brushes and paint away?
do it.
it is truly stress free and FUN!

please take note of my 3 heart shape rocks i found on the beach! love them!

enjoy your day! xoxo

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