Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy work and a job for you!

 oh hello there! happy day/night.
yes. i made the mistake of ordering a grande iced skinny caramel macchiato at 6:30 this evening
say whaaa?

i had a free coupon that expired tomorrow for ANY size drink and i
felt the sudden urge to pull over at the next starbucks.
honestly, i was yawning and felt like i needed a pick me up. and that it did.
the fact that it is almost 11 and i am still going strong is not good.
5:15 as in AM, comes way too quickly when you cant fall asleep. damn it.

so yes, 3 posts in 3 days. what is going on here? cuhrazy. thats what its called.
truth be told this blog is really a venting ground for me.
i feel that it is a place i can go and share, complain, groan, belly ache etc
about everything that is not going my way.

i am not really complaining, but i am not happy at work. quite honestly, i am  miserable.
(in case any of you lovies work with me), it is not anyone in general.
there have been a whole series of events that have happened in the past year
that make me think i work with a bunch of 5 yr olds. yes.
you read that right. ok, maybe 12 year olds. jr. high.
sooo i am searching. for theeee perfect job. (do they exist?)
well one that makes me smile instead of crying.

k, side tracking i know. i feel that i am rambling. maybe cuz i am.
maybe it was the extremely strong / huge coffee i drank.

so let me ask everyone's opinion. what would your dream job be?

i dont think i have one single job per se. i think i would do a few part time to add up to a lot of money. yes. lots o money.
you know the kind you pick from trees. you all have a money tree right???

well, here is a little job for you. do this and then report back to me that you did it,
and then we will all check back in a few months and see where everyone is at!
k? k.

i receive the emails/blog happenings of this lovie:

this sweet girl, (whom i wish i could have coffee and just chat with), wrote this blog
post on writing a letter to herself.
now go read it. yes.all of it. its not long....

and then i want you to write a letter to yourself. (i am going to do this either tonight or tomorrow)
then seal it up. yep. lick it. seal it right up.

then we are all going to come back and chit chat in a few months.
this is all related to the law of attraction.
it works.
good energy/thoughts attract like wise.
do it.
you will not be sorry.
Found during our morning walk. A message from the universe for me and you.

if you want some inspiration please pop over to her blog.....and just read.
you will smile, i promise.
now get writing your letter to yourself. right stinkin now.



Anna-Alina said...

Hi!I like these cute picture!
Nice blog, I am your new reader!
Followed your blog now, follow me?

Elizabeth {sunny bug} said...

Hi there! Long time, no chat! I la-la-love this post. My perfect job: a small boutique selling pretty vintage finds with a little bakery display featuring little desserts inspired by all things vintage. I'm thinking each cupcake could be designed/inspired by old Hollywood: The Marilyn, Jackie O {not Hollywood, but you know what I mean}, Audry...sigh. I'd love to have vintage prom dresses and refashioned wearable outfits and lots and lots of vintage bling. I envision having Girls Nite parties with mani/pedis. I could go on and on. I need a money tree. I miss chatting - I hope all is well. p.s. I'm headed to Cincinatti in August for training for work - I can't remember if you are local there - any recommendations for antiques/shopping? :) Be well - Liz