Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy fathers day!

i am quite sure that most of you reading this blog are not fathers.....but you could very
well be a single mom, who sometimes plays the part of a dad and mom at times.

unfortunately, i lost my dear father 5.5 years ago to a disease called pulmonary fibrosis.
appearently, this was acquired from second hand smoke, or that is what most of
the physicians who treated him, seemed to think. he was an air traffic
controller, ( the men in the towers who guide your airplanes safely thru the air!),
but apparently, back in the day you were allowed to smoke inside these towers.
unfortunately, this seems to have been the demise of his life. :(

there are so many times that i wish my dad was still around so i could
share something special with him, or just talk to him about life decisions.
i think so many times we take for granted those little things. you think that your
parents will be around forever, or at least in your heart you wish this. not ever
wanting to think about the day that will come when you have
to say goodbye.

anywhosiedoodles. i hope that you were all able to spend some QT (quality time!) with
the special men in your life, whether it was with a father, a grandfather, or maybe just
someone who was a fatherly role model in your life.

cherish your time with your lovies, because you just never know what the future holds.
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happy sunday funday friends!


Cami said...

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Kim said...

Awww nice post x