Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hi friendsies!

yes. it's been months.
i wish i could get this blog thing down to a science. i cant. i think i should
just give up....but then something happens
and i reappear...
like magic. like lucky charms.....oh wait those are magically delicious.
just sayin...

so lets see what is new.
we added a new lover bucket to
our crazy house.

keeley joy.
she is not a joy. she is the devil.
kidding. or am i?

seriously. she is a joy. a joy of big brown fur who
can not seem to understand how to
yap (and i do say that with kindness) at
the door to
she can little girl bark for water.
i say little girl bark, cuz it is just that. the most annoying squeaky cry/bark you will ever hear.
she can little girl bark at her big furry brother. (more like growl)....
but for whatever reason, she would much rather prefer to poop in the front room.

or behind the couch. cuz she is sneaky like that. i mean if i was going
to be a sneaky pooper, i would surely go behind
the couch....would you not???

so are you dying to see the little devil dog?  i mean adorable brown fluffy nugget?

yep. thats the sweetest lil angel....i mean look at that face.
she is now a whopping 14 lbs. full of herself completely. she
is bossy.
she fits in around here quite well.

and here my friends is the beastie boy himself....mr. kolby jack.

aka. steven erkyl.
and why you ask?
cuz he is a dork.

he does not realize his size. he is a pu$$y at the dog park.
and he is a bully to keeley.
you know that fat kid who gets picked on, but then picks the smallest kid to pick on???

yep. that is my lover bucket. (i love him to pieces) and my life
was sooo much easier with just erkyl. now i have a brown betty
practically running my life.

that is the sweetest lil man you will ever meet....
who cares if he is a dork....right???

k. thats all i have for now.
a quick noteski to say hola amiga/os and i am on my way .....

happy memorial day .....better late then never....

and continuing my 500 things i am happy/grateful for:

389. the fur balls. (even tho i am constantly complaining about the 'fur' balls literally...meaning i have to vacumn sweep etc, a thousands times a week....) but i mean what else do i really have to do?

388. my lime green adirondack chairs.

387. the birds chirping in the mornings....truly a summer sign.

386. grilling out!

385. my upstairs patio off the back of the house.

love and hugs,

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Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

AWWW your sweet lil she devil is adorable!!! Happy to see you back in blog land, but I understand about not having it down to a science. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Just sayin' in case it is Halloween before you post again! LOL Oh yeah, and Erkyl is cute too!!