Monday, June 18, 2012

if i only could stay at home full time....

happy monday friendsies!

i have the day off and could not be more excited. i am working on some fun furniture projects, so
hopefully i will be able to post those pics soon!!!

i was up at 7 (about an hour later then i wanted), and ran 3 miles.
well, i did a run/walk. i am trying to nurse a knee/hip injury. still did an 11 min. mile, so for me,
that's not too bad. i run slow....i wish i could pick up the pace,
but right now, i have to take it slowly.

i am drinking my blueberry crumble coffee and just enjoying a leisure morning.
i am dreading going back to workie. ugh.

i want to do fun stuff every day.
if you are fortunate to be able to stay home, what do you do with your time?
if you could afford to be a full time stay at homey, what would you do all day?

i would CREATE. stuff. fun stuff.

i would have an immaculate house.
(does anyone else get tired of the dog hair (if you own a dog)? my non shedding fluffer nugget is
liars. (the people who say golden doodles do not shed)

i would prepare meals ahead of time that i could just pull out of the freezer on days that
i am lounging at the pool!

i would read ALL of the piles of magazines that i keep hoarding.
(yes, i have a problem. its call magazine addiction.)

i would read more books.
(i started 50 shades about a month ago and i am stuck at chap 7)

i would run daily....or at least fit in a GOOD workout.

i would be so organized that people would like be so jealous of me and my organization.

AND i would just make more me time. like pedis and manis and fun stuff....massages....


i would not get bored. i just know it.

oh, i would also make all of the things on pinterest that i keep pinning and never
seem to have enough time to start!

love this:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


k, lovie loves, i am off to finish sanding, painting, laying by the pool, cleaning, etc.
everything i need to accomplish in the next 12  hours before it is time
to go back to workie work.
(insert very sad face here)

may your day be blessed with sunshine and smiles!


Katie @ Lady Million said...

Well it's nice to meet you, you lovely girl! First time at your blog and I'm LOVING it. Especially your adorbs background. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

Lady Million

Augusta Tina said...

Nice blog:)