Monday, June 25, 2012

sunday fun!

hey there!
so did everyone do their letter like i said in my last post?

i did not.
i have thought about it.
i really have.
but i have been uber busy and have not had a chance to sit for more than 10 seconds, other then
sleep and bust it out. hopefully today.

so what's everyone doing on their sunday funday?

i have a baby shower at 1:00 and
then i have to fulfill an order for chocolate strawberries, truffles and
sugar cookies. yayy! (more info coming on this...big news actually!)
so my day is pretty much already spent doing busy stuff.
but all good stuff indeed.

so for those of you that love to eat healthy and work out, i wanted to share
some of the cool blog sites i found. so many have such great recipes,
running tips, dieting, life changing ideas, that i dont know about you all
but i love when someone shares their stories. most of these
girls have lost a lot of weight and i am so inspired after
reading about them.

so here we go:

can you stay for dinner?

seriously, this girl is gorrrrgeous. and so real. i have only read her about me story and i am
totally motivated. she shares that she walks, (after previously being a runner) and how
you do not have to kill yourself at the gym. uh, you dont????

next up:

dashing dish!

uh, i seriously think this little girl is A-DOR-ABLE.

she is cute as a button and her recipes will knock your socks off.

and next up we have another sweet lil thang....

eat yourself skinny!

so there my lovies are the three latest blogs i am pining over. seriously.
(swear i am NOT stalkerish material) i just love a great
thing when i find it!

and some little tips to share the wellness love :

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Pinned Image
Pinned Image

so there ya go my love bugs,
go get your health hat on and come back and share one healthy tip or
something you did to improve
happy sunday funday!!!

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing! I need to lose some weight. My blood pressure is up and that scares me, so I need to get my booty moving! Here's one of my new favorite sites ~ yummy healthy food. I haven't been disappointed with one recipe yet.