Sunday, February 5, 2012

yippy skippy! funday sunday....again

oh, hello there!
greetings from cleve town!
it is another funday sunday!

superbowl plans anyone?
i have one lil party scheduled and i have made some yummy cuppies and sub sammies....
but it will be low key, as this chick does have two jobs to attend to bright and early
monday morning!

guess what?
i am getting a new nugget.
this time a lil chocolate MINI doodle.

to keep K-man company...yeesh. yeah, i feel that
as i have to be entertained 24-7, so does my freakishly energetic white fur ball.....

so this little sweet " KEELEY JOY" will be joining our happy home in about a week:

Mini Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies - Valentine's Day

(this is not her, but looks just like her!) this is one of her siblings
from a previous litter.
anywhosies, keeley only weighs 2.4 lbs as of last week and she can not
go to her furever home until she is 3.0 we may not be
able to get her on valentines day....

we are anxiously awaiting! i am a little nervous to do the puppy training
thingy again....and lets not forget, mr. k is still really a puppy himself....
he is only 9 months young.....

so wish me luck.
keeley is a labradoodle, F1 and kobly is an F1
basically same type of pup.

they are incredibly smart, energetic and loving creatures!

alrighty, i am off to enjoy my funday sunday....

i also wanted to share a list of 500 things that make me smile.....starting with sunshiney today!
(and yes, 500 is quite random....just wanted to because why??? well, cuz its MY blog and i can share
anything my little heart wants!!!!!)

love and hugs,

500. wet sloppy kisses from my love nugget ball of fur.
499. sweet emails during the day from princess # 2 while she is at her new job.
498. a text from princess # 3, just saying 'ello MUM'....(melts me)
499. a phone call every morning from princess # 1, driving home from her night shift at the hospital
495. the smell of chocolate chip cupcakes baking

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Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

Your new little nugget makes me want a new little one. My Ginger disappeared over the summer and never saw her again. :(
She was a Shorkie that I loved dearly.