Sunday, January 29, 2012

hi there!

hello blends
(blog friends) 

happy funday sunday.

i cant believe the week is starting AGAIN.
where does the time go? 
no. seriously. 
where the heck
it go?

i had a sad weekend. 
one of my very close friends, lost her dear, 'sassy' sweet beautiful 
mother to cancer.
another cancer victim
it broke my heart to see my friend and her family so sad 
and see such a gorgeous lady
give her life to 
this horrible illness. 
she was only 57 years young.

which brings me to another topic. 

i read a super uber dee duber blog 

the sweet creator of this blog is a sweet gal named ashley, who most recently was 
diagnosed with a form of cancer.

anyway, in addition to being diagnosed with cancer, ashley also 
lost her father very unexpectedly this past year as well.


ashley has an amazing blog and has been sharing her 
trials and tribulations  with the cancer. 

she even shares the video of her shaving her head. 
(do not watch if you are pms'ing or extremely hormonal, or unless you have buckets of kleenex near by)

if you get a second, please pop over and just read this girls journey. 
when you are having a bad day it really puts your life 
in perspective.

anywhosies, ashley made some 
choose joy 
bracelets that she sells on her site. 

if you head over
you can read all about why she chooses joy 
and if you want you can help her cause. 

i just ordered my set of 20! 

10 adult size and 
10 lil nugget size!

i just wanted to help ashleys cause and be reminded when i am 
wearing my lil purple bracelet:


k, thats all i have for you tonight....i am off to do what you ask????
why, write another paper! 

dont forget to choose joy!

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Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

Hey Blend!! Did you come up with that? I love it!! I think we have been on Lil Boo Blue together. I just watched her video too! Small world in blogland. Here is hoping you have a fabulous week!! Smiles:)