Monday, February 13, 2012

happy days.....

think back to those days when we had no ATM machines, we survived on maybe cash alone or one
credit card...

ahhh. maybe simple is best....

i was literally doing bank stuff for the first 3 hours of my morning and then left to visit the bank in

i have found, when you have a banking issue, its best to just show your smiley face.

when you try to do ANYTHING over the phone, it NEVER gets done RIGHT.

so after being told that my card was cancelled d/t the wonderful hackers that
invaded my space, i was told today, that they
never stopped it.

WHAT??? mo fo.

yep. so the fraud dept and the actual bank had said it was cancelled and guess what?

here nor there, the accounts have been closed and hopefully
i will have changed all accts that i am aware of that have auto payments, and
all will be well again in love and war.

speaking of war....
have y'all seen the movie
this means war???

yep. thats my word for adorable.
REESE witherspoon and i am not sure who the hotties were that chased after her,
but whewwww.
pretty damn hot. ok. smoking hot.

lucky beotch.

yes....there they are...3 cutie patooties.
go. see. it.
you will laugh.
very light hearted.

oh, and if you want to lose 2 hrs of your life that you will never be able to get back,
then go see,
the grey.
1 hr and 57 mins. only to have the stupidest ending EVER.

that my friends was the extent of my weekend. cleaning. working. writing another
lovely paper for school.

what are you all up to for valentines tomorrow?

if you could have one wish come true what would it be?

have a lovely week!!


happy list continues:

399. seeing my sweet 18 yr old's beautiful face, who is away at college....
398. getting a text in the middle of the day of my 'grand dog'...and his ever so cute face!
397. sun on a winter day
396. chipotle. (yep. for realz.)
395. the feeling of the white nugget jumping on the bed right before the alarm goes, off, to snuggle for a few minutes......


Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

So glad you have your banking issues fixed. And I can remember no ATM's, I agree how simple life was back then.

scott scott said...

yay you still have your web page

Happy valentines day!