Saturday, January 14, 2012

snowy saturday!

yes, it's saturday.
yes. it's snowing.
no, it's not snowing poo. it's just snowing!

i feel that we have been really blessed this winter because up until this point,
we really havent had a lot of the white stuff.
everytime i have to dust my car off, i pout. i mutter under my breath that i am moving
someplace warm and sunny. year round. period.
and yet, another year literally FLIES by and lo and behold, here i am AGAIN,
pouting when i have to pull out the boots, gloves, hats and or scarves. usually all of the above.
on a good note, i have a lot of new coats to dress warm.
i bought a pair of wellies that have been a savior when taking out the
white fur ball.
i received a beautiful pair of UGGS from the sweet princesses.
so i guess bottom line, if you have to put up with the icky, yucky, messy snow.
dress like a fashionista at least!

sooo a little late, but

happy new year!

care to share any of your new year resolutions?

i dont make a lot. i just feel that typically they are gone by the wayside in about 2.7 days anyway, so
why bother???
however, this year was just a tad different. i did make a few.
they are not really different then everyone elses, but i have resolved to keeping them.

save more money.
pay off some type of bill, or attempt to each paycheck.
maintain my healthy living standards, which means working out, eating healthy, enjoying my
treats here and there, (because after all my motto still stands: everything is good in moderation)....
and be thankful for WHAT i have in my LIFE at this very second.
i think  that is the key to obtaining more in life.

that about sums the extent of those resolutions!

everything else in my life is great right now. (remember, thankful..... :O)
princess # 3 made the deans list her first semester at school. sooo proud of that peanut.
princess # 2 just started a wonderful new job as a sales/marketing assistant. way to go pretty girl!
and princess # 1 continues to bust her arse working as a medical ICU RN....keep it up lil cupcake!

i honestly could not be more proud of them! xo

and of course my empty nester puppy, kolbydoodlebug......
he continues to MELT my stinkin heart. that boy is a handful.
he is a never ending supply of kisses and smiles to brighten me up even on the worst days.
he is now being called the monster of destruction, because he has graduated from
his crate at night to sleeping in my room. however, he starts out on the floor next to me, and i swear, once he
knows i am sleeping (cuz he is smart like that)....
he gets up and starts his path of destruction. it is typically his stuffed animals that he rips the guts (aka:stuffing)
and the squeakers out of EVERY single one....
and then he will 'sneak' back up to bed, this time, in my bed without me hearing a thing.
it's so freaking funny. i swear he's like a serial killer who sneaks out at night and then sneaks
back home after he has done his damage. oye vay.

however, he could probably destroy anything......(within reason....) and he would still melt me with those
big big big brown eyes. hes a heart breaker indeedy!

k, i am off to visit princess # 3 at college. woooo hooooo. no, i will not get all
wild and crazy. i know how to behave....yeesh...

stay warm if you are anywear near winter and if not then, well you stink! :O)


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Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

Hey Terri, I won't rub it in that I live in FL. We are having just a tad cooler weather this weekend. I decided that I wanted to learn blog design this year and started a class on the 5th. I love it. Other than that, I don't make resolutions. Just try to live each day like it may be my last. HAPPY!! Smiles, Lisa