Monday, November 21, 2011

monday funday!

hellllooo dear lovies!

it is monday and we are back at those lovely little things we call least
those of us who do the nine to fiver thingy.

i am doing the 6:30, 7ish to like 8ish thingy. yikes.
yep. my fun part time second job has
it is a seasonal job that i love.
and why you ask?

just cuz.
lol. nope. seriously. i am a health and wellness nurse at one of our local hospitals.
i literally get to teach clients how to improve their lives.

i love that i am helping people lower their cholesterol, get skinny and improve their outlook on life.
and the best part about it????


any whosiedoodles. what is going on with everyone?
are you ready for the funnest day of the year?
aka. dont know???
please tell me you are thinking it....

uh, der....
it is by far my fav day of the year. not even kidding.

we get up at the A$$ crack of dawn and find lots of fun things to buy.
our biggest deals last year, were 150.00 boots from JCPENNEY for
30 buckaroosies each.
yes. i bought 7 pairs.

no. i dont have a problem.
a couple were for me and the others for the princesses.
that's what i get for having girls.

so what are ya thankful for this holiday?

i am thankful that i have a job.
wait, i have TWO.
(very thankful)...

i am thankful that i have 3 amazing daughters who NEVER EVER cease to amazing me.
not only are they adorable, but they are kind and loving and fun.
AND beautiful.....
(proud mama, here)

i am thankful that my sister from Cali is here for the holiday AND will be back for christmas.

i am thankful for my sweet mama who always tries to feed me no matter what time of
the day or night i am over.....

and i am thankful for my lil fluffy nugget who is by far the best friend a girl
could EVER have.
that boy melts my heart.
he is a handful.
but he melts me.

here are a few little FREE printables i found on


i want to wish you all a happy and yummy turkey day....
i also want to know
who will be joining me for the mad shopping craze on FRIDAY?

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