Sunday, January 22, 2012

smiley sunday!

a wee while back i used to post more regularly.
then this crazy thing called life, took a dive for the ground
and i stopped.
but i missed blogging.
its not that i dont want to.
i just dont have a lot of free time.
between going to school, and working two jobs, one being full time, i honestly
just do not have much ME time.
happy me time.
my weekends are often filled with running errands, working and just doing all the
usual things that everyone does. you know, like,
paying bills,
grocery shopping....(i actually love this one)....
but before you know it, my weekend is over
and it's back to
the dreaded work environment.
but anywho,
a while back, i started smiley sunday. it was
just simple things that make me smile
and with that, i try to embrace what little time is left of the weekend.
a girl in the work kitchen the other day, said, something like, oh, it's almost friday....
i was like, uhhh yayyy! hooorayy. yippeee skippeee!
and then she said 'isnt it awful how we just wish our life away'....'instead of just embracing today'....

hmmm. well there's a thought.

so my little bloggies, i want you to stop what you are doing...
well, dont stop reading this....
but when you are done....
think about it....

be HApPy for TOday.
EMBRACE what is going on in your life right now.......

the sad thing is that we never know if this is our last day why live it wishing for
tomorrow, or the weekend, or whatever....
and just be happy at the present!

so to make you smile, here's a few lovelies that made me smile today....
(while i am supposed to be working.....i was doing a little web surfing...hehe)....

hahahahaha. sorry for such a small pic.....
croc waterproof boots. my beating heart.
and the best part: 20 bones. out the shipping too! happy dance!

i bought a pair of wellies, (black ones with different color polka dots...and i {{{LOVE}}} them.
living in need them....
and then taking the white nugget outside to go potty....well, need i say more....?? lol...

ok, on to our next contestant:

Reuben Dip

um, seriously....does this not look fabulous?
reuben dip....

ohh emm gee.
i am running to the store to get the ingreds for this dip. not even kidding.
(it doesnt matter i have already been to 3 grocery stores in 2 days) :O)

Set of 4 Candy Colored Bobby Pins - 15 Colors to Choose From

credit: very jane!

if you do not know what very jane is, let me explain....they send daily emails with amazing deals
for handmade cuteness.
i have bought hand stamped necklaces, pins, pillow covers, the list is long...
i bought 3 sets of these to go with the 3 princess' valentine pressies!

and my last little lovely, is another v-day gift for the crazy princess' of mine:

credit: west elm

arent these mugs oh so cute?! i am imagining the girls guzzling down their hot bevvies drinking
from this heart mug!

and the best ?
6 dollar hollar AND

k, thats it my dear blends....i am off to enjoy some mediterranean fare with
princess # 2.

embrace the moment and
enjoy the rest of your sweet arse weekend!

love and hugs,

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Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

Terri, this is what made me smile today. Mr. B and I went to Lowe's to buy some outdoor chairs and when we walked back to his truck I noticed that he had written "I Love Lisa" on the hood. After being together 28 years he still makes me heart sing!! Enjoy your week. Did you get your paper written and did you get an "A"??