Thursday, February 3, 2011


happy february 3!

can you believe that it is feb already?? i can NOT!

wheewww. time flies. which is a good thing. we are one day closer to lavender, butterflies and daisies!

and these......oh how i adore my gerbera daisies!

i love the change of seasons, i really do. i do LOVE summer time best.
i love the beach.

or the inflatible, i have never been down's at the ex's house)

i love the HOT SUN!
i love being able to run outside.
i love dining al fresco.
i love grilling.
i love sitting outside reading a good book!

(i just bought this at the thrift store last week...cant wait to start it!)
what do you look forward to doing in the summer time?

( i know it's months away.....but cant we just get a little excited about it?)

soooo,  day 8 of our blog land challenge:

a moment you felt most satisfied with your life.

well, you read about my personality yesterday. soooooo, you know that i am always
searching, always looking, always making something.....
us geminis are busy creatures......
soooo, when asking about life satisfaction it is very difficult to pin point.

i have had a lot of emotional upset this past year.
i moved out.
sort of moved back in.
lost my dear, sweet loving sister.
started a second job.
all the while trying to maintain my first job, be a good parent and just function without losing it.


the point i am trying to make is that i have NEVER felt completely satisfied with my life.
i always feel that there is more out there. more to discover. more things to do.
more. more. more.

however here are the things that make me happy:

my children.
"the boy" i hope to marry one day........SOON.
working out.
eating healthy.
pleasing others.

all of these things together bring me mucho satisfaction. i love when they all tie in together.
that's when i smile the biggest and when i am most satisfied with my life!

i am going to link up with these lovelies for buzz on by thursday!!

Emmy's Closet

stop over and visit the blog hop! they even have a giveaway! yay!!
happy thursday!
love you.

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new follower from thursday blog hop. will you follow me back. love your blog title! i'm having twitter trouble so if you would take an extra 30 seconds to click link... i can't figure out why it doesn't look like everyone else's homescreen (for twitter). ugh! this is when my OCD kicks in.

Heavenly Savings said...

Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Thursday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

YAY! Thanks for being a part of BOBT!! (This is actually what I wanted to chat with you about off-line...I promise an email is coming!) You know, I'm thinking a lot about satisfaction - and I hope I'm never completely satisified. I like to learn & try new things, so if I ever become too comfortable or satisified, then I think it would be time to do something new! Happy Thursday to YOU!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Love the name of your blog! I always choose dessert, but I drink diet soda;) Bad, I know, but hey I gotta save calories somehow!

Kirsten said...

Nice blog you have here! I'm your newest follower from "Buzz on By Thursday"! Come and visit me at
See you soon :)

Laura-A Goddess of Frugality said...

Thanks for following. Following you back:)


Anonymous said...

Happy February! I can't believe we're so far into 2011

Anonymous said...

Oi, I hope 2011 is a better year for you and you and the man finalize things :)

That book is soooooooo super fabulous. I want to check it out from the library and re-read, plus there is a sequel!! And you got it at the thrift store, even better :)

.dear.jenny. said...

love summer! its on its way!